Happy New Year!

The water shot out from a pipe in the wall. I stood out of its way, staring at the downward arc it made over the porcelain tub. I reached my hand out. Yep, the water was cold. Not cool. Cold, icy, frigid, freezing. It was chilly outside, too, probably in the mid-40s. Simply put, taking a cold shower in a…

Montana MADE Wedding Fair

You name it—caterers, rentals, photographers, venues—the Montana MADE Wedding Fair had it. Brides-to-be and their friends, families, and fiancés enjoyed horse-drawn carriage rides, cake samples, and much more amid planning their upcoming big day. Photography Chelsea Lyn Drake

Hog the Chili

Grizzly Harley-Davidson got to cooking and feasting at its HOG chapter's ninth annual chili cook-off, where their unique chilis were tasted, enjoyed, and judged by a hungry crowd. Photography Denise Russell

B(r)awl of the Wild

Our beloved Grizzlies lost to the Montana State Bobcats, but fun and high spirits were still to be found in Washington-Grizzly Stadium during the 116th Brawl of the Wild—despite efforts on the part of the Bobcats that made us (want to) bawl. Photography Mike Tucker

A Cat That Really Purrs

It’s all in the name: Mountain Cat. Light on its feet and aggressive in its maneuverability, the 2017 Mountain Cat sports a durable body and houses a two-stroke ticker that’ll climb the shred without hesitation. It would win best in show for agility, and maybe even for looks alone.

Faces of Prevention

Go Blue Missoula is all about continued community participation in strengthening families and child abuse prevention awareness. Ambassadors paint our city blue and remind us of the jovial ways we can support each other. Photography The Parenting Place

January 2017 Around Town

Elouise Cobell, the namesake of UM’s Elouise Cobell Land and Culture Institute located at the Payne Family Native American Center, was named one of 21 recipients of the 2016 Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor that is presented to individuals who have made especially meritorious contributions to the security or national interests of the United States, to…

Up Through the Ashes

As I heave myself upward and onward through the snow-covered trail before me, my breath does the same against my ribs, sending small clouds of warmth out into the biting air. My chocolate Labrador runs effortlessly ahead of me, chasing a scent over heaps of downed trees, mazing over and under them on a path that’ll lead to nowhere in…

Why We Do the Things We Do

Most of us have made an investment blunder (or two!) of one type or another. Although we can’t avoid all investment mistakes, we can learn from those we’ve made and benefit from what we’ve learned. And what better time than the new year to do so.

Renewed and Ready

On Christmas day of 2015, I found myself among towering pines on a high plateau in the desert. It was cold—ten degrees when I woke. I leaned over from my bed and clicked on the small propane heater to begin warming our 60-square-foot home—a 1985 Volkswagen Westfalia.


When we hear the term “snowbirds,” many of us think of the people who escape the cold and overcast skies by heading south for a spell. Birdwatchers, however, think of the small but hearty group of actual birds that stick out the winter here in Western Montana. Birding is a great way to spend the winter months. It requires no…

We #Love2H8Fez

Fez has a secret. In arcane fashion, the owner of Missoula’s Arcane Fitness knows how to get you to love to hate him. It’s even led to his own hashtag. So we asked some of his devotees to share with us—in a Tweet or in a series of them (since most of them couldn’t limit their answers to 140 characters)—why…