No passport required.

My passport expired two years ago. Once, in my little world, a passport represented the only way to adventure. How silly of me! Some of my best adventuring over the last two years has been right here, at home, under the Big Sky.

An Evening at the Symphony

Missoula Symphony patrons toasted the successful opening of the 2016-17 season and mingled with orchestra members, Darko Butorac, and guest violin soloist Jennifer Frautschi at a premiere party held at the Gilkey Building with food provided by UM Catering and wine by George's. PHOTOGRAPHY DANIELLE M. ANTONETTI

Downtown on Tap

Downtowners filled the PartyPark on Alder and toasted the end of a great summer at the PartnersCreative-hosted Downtown on Tap, a monthly event of the Missoula Downtown Association. Partygoers feasted on goodies from Worden's Market and sipped on drinks from the Montana Distillery and Silver Dollar Bar. PHOTOGRAPHY PAMELA DUNN-PARRISH AND ATHENA LONSDALE

All About the Data

From Amerigo Vespucci to Lewis and Clark, map making has always been about getting the best data possible. Things haven’t changed much in the years people have been making maps, and for two Missoula-based companies, onXmaps and Cairn Cartographics, focusing on “the data” has been the driving force behind the products they make and the businesses they’ve created.

A Good Dog’s Work

Twenty miles north of Whitefish on I-93 is a sign for Running Dog Road, which leads up to the howling and eager pups that make up Jeff Ulsamer's Dog Sled Adventures. For reservations, call 406.881.2275 and to learn more about Jeff and his dogs, please visit

A Less-Taxing Option

With a traditional IRA, your money can grow on a tax-deferred basis (exciting!), but sooner or later you’ll have to start taking taxable withdrawals from your account (less exciting). But what if these withdrawals were less “taxing” and supported your favorite charitable group? By electing to use a charitable IRA rollover, you can do just that.

Team Red, White, and Blue

To find out more about how to get involved, check out Team RWB Missoula’s Facebook page. It takes a deep commitment to community and sense of duty to pledge a chunk of your life to military service, especially when the country is actively in conflict. That desire or need to serve usually doesn’t end when your service does. So what…

Bikers Against Bullies

Bikers Against Bullies USA revved its engine in Missoula as a support awareness program for the anti-bullying campaigns that already exist in our school systems. Created by bikers but certainly not limited to them, this event encouraged our children to be empowered and to live without fear. PHOTOGRAPHY "CANADIAN" BOB GILCHRIST

November 2016 Around Town

The hors d’oeuvres at the launch for artist and author Jayne Piazza’s book Fish Line Rhymes—Swedish fish and goldfish—were as clever as the rhymes found in the pages of her darling book. The book features her off-the-hook musings on all things fishy like the one about “Little Blues Boy, Come Tuna Guitar” and their accompanying illustrations, the result of “bleaching,”…

An Open Lens on Montana’s Two National Parks

One country. Twenty-seven states, two territories. Fifty-nine parks. Eight years. Photographer Andrew Thomas captured two places that we already know to be the best—Glacier and Yellowstone—in an incredible (ad)venture to photograph all 59 U.S. national parks. The result: The National Parks of the United States: A Photographic Journey, a stunning new coffee-table book and tribute to some of the most…

On the Wild River

The first night—when the giants begin leaping from the mountains, and the air becomes heavy and injected with electric potential, and there are nothing but burned, white snags all around me—is the first time I feel small and vulnerable on this adventure.