Happy Outdoor October!

Hiking poles are ridiculous, I thought. Then I became a pet parent, and watching my four-legged beast so easily traverse Montana’s terrain led to a case of paw envy. The solution lay in hiking poles, but then my new toy proceeded to sit—lean against a wall, actually—in my closet as hiking became a smaller part of my life after I…

Easton Gets His Wish

Five-year-old Easton Klemundt got the Monster Truck treatment. He was picked up in a tricked-out Dodge that took him to the Hub for a party of "monster" proportions. His celebration was kicking off the fulfillment of a wish: to attend a Monster Jam show in Florida. Make-A-Wish Montana helped to make that happen. Photography Allie Simon

October 2016 Around Town

After seeing a surge in customers looking to experience the tasty health benefits of bison, Bitterroot Bison Co. has come up with new ways to offer their grass-fed, humane-certified and all-natural meat to the public by offering catering services. They have been traveling to events throughout Idaho, Montana, and Washington serving up delicious bison—burgers, tacos, chili, and much more. The…

Outdoor October

The Rattlesnake National Recreation Area and Wilderness complex is the most southwestern grizzly bear management area in the northern Continental Divide ecosystem. Here the density of bears is low, but there are definitely bears occupying the area.

The Inside Track

Before his junior year, Jake Laskin approached Karen Umbaugh about taking on a bigger role with MYTC. Karen knew Jake to be an excellent student, a member of the National Honor Society, and an upstanding coach. But he quickly proved that he was also an outstanding organizer and computer maven.

Stocks and Election Years

After a seemingly endless campaign season, the presidential election is nearing its conclusion. As a voter, you may well be quite interested in both the process and, of course, the outcome—but as an investor, you might be wondering how the election will affect you and your investments.

Fun in the MUD

Earth Within offers the community a socially sustainable and earth-friendly alternative to flower sourcing through artful arrangements and education. In addition to leading flower workshops, they also create seasonal arrangements for weddings and events throughout the state.

In the Shadows of Friday Night Lights

How could a woman who still has no idea what a “first down” is find herself so captivated at Friday night football games? It’s easy. In the past few years, my sports cluelessness has allowed me to keenly observe the hundreds and hundreds of folks off the field. There is juicy stuff there.