Star-Spangled Summer.

During the summer, as the sun begins its ascent over Big Sky Country, his rays gently pierce the openings in my window’s blinds, nudging me to wake up with him. I do. At first, with just my eyes. Those first moments of the day—in bed, readying my brain and body and anticipating what awaits me—remind me of those I experienced…

Faith in Action

Our many faith communities gathered at the Faith in Action Summit to celebrate the work of the Missoula Interfaith Collaborative and Family Promise of Missoula (now under MIC) to address the problem of family homelessness. Coming together means having the resources and means to address the short-term and systemic challenges our community faces. Photography Mary Louise Zapp-Knapp

Welcome, SOMT Competitors!

The opening ceremony of the Special Olympics Montana State Summer Games celebrated the best athletes from around the state before they headed to the fields to compete to be the best in their chosen sport. Photography Chris Spiker/SOMT

Youth Day at the Teller Wildlife Refuge

Local youth meandered the grounds of the Teller Wildlife Refuge at the Youth Conservation & Education Expo, where they learned about responsible land stewardship and how to live the core values of our state's rich outdoor heritage and developed a deeper connection to the land, water and wildlife. Photography Mike Tucker

Around Town

Summer is a great time to head over to the Resort at Paws Up for its Wilderness Workshops, of which there are plenty this summer. During the weeks of July 10-16 and August 7-13, learn about the old ways of the great outdoors from an honest-to-goodness mountain man, Gary Steele. At his self-built camp, guests will get hands-on instruction in…

A Heart for Hula

She grew up in Oahu, also known as "the gathering place" among Hawaii's eight islands, and it's the place where hula became what she would later see as a lifeline between her present day and her colorful past having grown up in an island culture.

From Dream to Reality

New York City and Los Angeles—they can be anyone's cities. Your first step on their streets is a way of staking your claim in some ways. Be anything, their buildings and too-bright lights will say to you. But Missoula's welcome mat is different. Our community takes pride in being nestled within the last best place and offering a way of…

A Passport to Hear the World Sing

Every three years, the Missoula International Choral Festival lifts Missoula’s soul in song. And like most successes in our valley, it all started as a dream. Professor Donald Carey, director of the Missoula Mendelssohn Club—a community men’s chorus—began dreaming in 1985, two years before the first-ever International Choral Festival was brought to Missoula. It was during the Mendelssohn Club’s first…


The 2016 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra leaves no stone unturned when it comes to an all-inclusive cruising bike. It was built for touring and that's exactly what it excels in. Fully loaded with copious storage compartments, hard-case saddlebags, trunk and luggage rack, the Road Glide Ultra is conscious when it comes to functionality and style.

The Sound of Summer

Some might hear the chirp of the grasshoppers, the thrum of bees, the splash of trout, the chatter of starlings. Others might hear the slap of sprinklers, the pop of cooking hamburgers, the drone of lawnmowers. When I hear summer, it’s serene, playful, and nostalgic. There’s little tension. It resolves easily. But I might only be able to describe the…