Around Town

At the heart of our spectacular city is the Gibson Mansion Bed and Breakfast, 823 39th St. We’ve long known of its charming luxurious accommodations, delicious breakfasts, and warm hospitality. And it’s been getting some attention, even from an international luxury travel blog. First, the website listed the Gibson Mansion as one of 10 bed and breakfasts in Montana…

Accenting A Classic

Can we have a moment of silence for the classic duo that is a white (or black) tee and jeans? They're a likely staple in every closet or dresser across our 50 states, a reliable go-to that can be dressed up or down for work or play. To Kristen Bowditch, owner of Sage Accessories, it's the perfect blank canvas. She…

Cradled in His arms.

In my childhood home, the stairs to our second floor featured a landing without a railing (gasp!). My dad would convince me to stand on that landing with my back to him. He'd say, "Now fall back. I'll catch you. Just fall." I remember the first few times: I was scared silly, laughing and trembling, doubting his ability to catch…

19th Annual Ken Shughart Humanitarian Award Dinner

It was an evening to bark and meow about. The Humane Society of Western Montana celebrated the life and work of Judy Paul of the Montana Companion Animal Network at its annual award dinner. Photography Briana Kirby and Ali Solomon

Kickstart It

To learn more about permaculture and Paul Wheaton, visit The Permaculture Playing Cards are available on Check out for more information about Rob Nowak's luxury merino wool blanket.

A Game of Trust

Picture it: A young boy, 2 or 3 years old, in the tall grass alongside a creek, fishing. He sees a duck take off and then hears a loud swack overhead. A prairie falcon has hit the duck and taken it to the ground, leaving the petite figure below peppered with blood and feathers. He's no taller than the weeds…

Workout Buddies

Alyssa Martin and Sarah Nasby have gotten into a groove. For the last year and half, every morning, Monday through Friday at 9 a.m., they've met for a workout at YMCA Missoula. It doesn't matter if they're tired or grumpy, if it's raining or snowing: at 9 a.m. they hop on spin bikes and start cranking. The spinning wakes them…

Oh, Yes We Can!

For much of my adult life, people have told me, "You can't do that!" or "That'll never work." And I'm not talking about expecting things to always "work out" or "succeed." I'm talking about following our passions, no matter the outcome. Success is never guaranteed. But stagnation is certain if we don't ever take a leap of faith.