October 2015 Around Town

At Missoula Valley Lifestyle our goal is to share the best that our community has to offer as well as news about our neighbors. Do you have wedding or engagement news to share? Do you know an outstanding educator or student we should spotlight? Is there a great new restaurant in town that everyone needs to know about? Please let…

Mulling Over the Wine Reviews

I was a weary shopper looking for a simple Riesling when my innocent eyes fell upon this: “Opens with a gorgeous bouquet of yellow flowers, stone fruit and musk against a backdrop of chalk and minerals. It’s richly fruity, with a sharp, honed acidity that’s shocking and penetrating. Finishes long, with an elegant honeyed touch.”

God loves beer. And Missoulians.

“The First American,” a title Benjamin Franklin earned for his early campaigning for colonial unity, was also America’s first beer lover and is famously—albeit incorrectly—quoted as saying, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” What this means for Missoulians is that God loves us. A lot.

The Sweet Sounds of Summer

More than 5,000 people enjoyed the 11th annual Symphony in the Park at Caras Park. The summertime staple paid homage to the scores of some of Hollywood's greatest films, including Ben Hur and Casablanca. Photography Nick Baker/Fotoblender

A Fermented Affair

The first time I bottled my own beer, a decent chunk of it spilled on the floor. The random piece of tubing I used as a siphon flowed too fast for my inept attempts to fill the bottles that I’d painstakingly saved for months. My sister and I giggled aplenty as we capped that batch of golden ale. And we…

What’s in Your Glass?

When a bottle of wine is opened, it is finally—after being cooped up for a year or decade—being allowed to breathe, decant or aerate. The introduction of oxygen “opens up” the wine and brings out its aroma and flavor.


Being an artist doesn’t come with a list of guidelines. There is no definition or method to grand success; the product of creation has no origin there. For photographer Pamela Dunn-Parish, it’s all about three words: discover, inspire and create.

Have a Pint with Alan McCormick

I’ve tried various recipes, and enjoy making everything from sours to stouts. But I haven’t ridden the wave of making odd-ball beers. I prefer applying my creativity to playing with processes rather than recipes. For instance, I vary the timing of the hop additions in my IPAs to maximize the aroma but avoid bitterness. Which reminds me: My keg of…

A Little Somethin’ for Everyone

In the beginning, there was a glacier. It dug a great big beautiful valley, buffalo roamed, native peoples warred, and Lewis and Clark took a road trip and created a rest stop. After that the University of Montana happened, Norman MacLean told everyone about fly fishing, and Missoula was made.

Camp Mak-A-Dream Gets a Gift

Western Montana car clubs donated $41,500 at a 20th anniversary celebration where the public was invited to try all that the Camp has to offer: horseback riding, a climbing wall and ropes course, soccer field, basketball court, and a building dedicated to art making. Photography Pamela Dunn-Parrish