Play it again, John

The story of how my maternal grandparents met is legendary. Once upon a time, there was a handsome, reserved Cuban-Italian doctor and an Italian-American nurse with jet-black hair and alabaster-white skin. John and Agnes met under the operating room lights during surgery at the Mayo Clinic in the 1940s. He was an anesthesiologist (speculated by the family to have been…

A Celebration Under the Stars

The stars shone brightly over the Ranch Club as guests dined, bid on auction items, and danced to the music of Shane Clouse under big sky country to celebrate Camp Mak-A-Dream's 20th anniversary. Photography Lacy Frey

Soiree for the Symphony

Lights, camera, action! The Missoula Symphony pulled out all the stops—even a red carpet—to celebrate its 60th anniversary and honor patrons and supporters who enjoyed an evening of wine, food and musical pairings at its annual soiree. Photography Jonathan Qualben

August 2015 Around Town

The team at Missoula Valley Lifestyle looks forward to sharing the good news of our neighbors each and every month. If you have an engagement or wedding to announce, please send standard announcement text and two or three high-resolution photos to so we can include it in our Wedding Bells section. There is no charge for this service and…

The Missoula Symphony

If the Missoula Symphony is “not your grandmother’s symphony,” then Sally Daer is not your typical grandmother. When I called Daer, I interrupted her daily violin practice. This surprised me, as I had assumed that the Missoula Symphony’s longest running member—“but not the oldest,” Daer laughingly adds—wouldn’t need daily practice after five decades with the orchestra.

Jaguar’s F-Type Coupe Strikes a Stunning Pose

In 1961, the breathtakingly beautiful Jaguar XK-E knocked the automotive world on its ear and today it is often considered to be one of the 100 most beautiful cars in the world. While few modern cars can ever approach the XK-E’s sublime and sensuous beauty, I couldn’t help but think of it when I laid eyes on the 2015 F-Type…

Making a Difference That Matters

It’s not very often that we hear of professionals taking their businesses elsewhere for the sole purpose of a better life. As every Montanan has probably heard before, you don’t move here for the money. It’s the quality of life that’s different, better. Dr. Clark O. Taylor, director of the Surgical Arts Centre, didn’t shy away from the risk of…

Diving In at Sussex

Greg Friedman knew he wanted to work in education by age 12. That early awareness led him to some incredible opportunities. His latest (and he hopes his last) brings him to Missoula where, this fall, he will start his 20th year in education as the new director of Sussex School.

Coming Up Rosé

Many American wine lovers are perplexed by rosé wines. It’s due to unfortunate misconceptions that “pink wines” are sweet, poorly made and should not be drunk. I say, “Simply not true!” Provence, located in southwestern France, was the first area to produce rosé wines. During the late Middle Ages, monks began producing rosé wines for sacramental purposes and to financially…

The Back Porch

On summertime mornings, I love having breakfast and reading the newspaper on my northwest-facing back porch. At first sunrise, the sunlight kisses the tops of the Rattlesnake Mountain’s Stuart Peak and Sleeping Woman Peak on the Ninemile Divide.

A Culinary Playground

In what room in the house can more fun be had than in the kitchen? Christine and Alex Fregerio agree it’s a playground, and the husband-and-wife team have recently opened Taste Buds Kitchen, a culinary event studio that acts, as described on their website, as “a kids kitchen by day and a BYOB adult kitchen by night.” The idea for…