Two Is Better Than One

 “I’m in love,” my mother proclaimed.  “With whom?" I asked. (Even as a 15-year-old I was concerned with the correct use of who and whom.)  "Dan."

June 2015 Good Times

Students from the Sussex School perform community service around Missoula while earning pledges for educational spring field trips during the school's 29th Annual Ecothon. Photography Joellen Shannon and Ken Miller

June 2015 Around Town

Western Montana car clubs are joining together in a fundraising effort for Camp Mak-A-Dream. They’ve restored a 1967 Plymouth Barracuda and are selling 1,000 raffle tickets at $50 each. Net proceeds from the tickets all go to Camp Mak-A-Dream. The winner of the car will be drawn at the Showin’ Off for Camp Mak-A-Dream Car Show on Sunday, July 19, at Fort Missoula. It’s all part…

98 and Counting

Customers walking into Missoula’s Bob Ward’s Sports & Outdoors are greeted by a rack of t-shirts proclaiming “Life is Good.” You can say that again. This Montana-owned and family-run operation is celebrating its 98th anniversary in 2015, and in that time, it has become Montana’s largest and oldest sporting goods store and an essential part of Zoo Town’s outdoor community.

June 2015 Parting Thoughts

The helmet wobbled around my head as I cautiously took my first steps to stand over home base. A not-so-confident 6-year-old, I tapped the plate with my bat, glanced over my shoulder to find my parents, and gulped air.

Kielys in Ecuador

Giant lemon ants and caimans are the new norm for young Missoulians Hayden and Evelyn Kiely. So is sitting in a classroom all day surrounded by rapid-fire Spanish. These two are about to return home from a five-month-long adventure in Ecuador with their parents, Kay and Daniel.

Barbara Morrison

The big sky of Montana wasn’t the only thing to surround Barbara Morrison as a child.

Feeding Hungry AniMeals

Eight years ago, Karyn Moltzen received a call that changed her life. A man from Missoula Animal Control asked her if she could take in eight cats that were at-risk of being euthanized for lack of space at the facility.