A Walk Through Greenough Park

Morgan Valliant peered into the stone bear cage, his stubbled face flattened against the rusted steel door. He nodded toward the back of the structure, built 15 feet wide of Rattlesnake Creek cobbles, some as big as watermelons, where two dens had been bored into the hill. His eyes adjusted to the darkness inside. They roamed, searching for details to…

More than Catching Fish

For the last four years Missoula has had the privilege of hosting a very unique event. “I could name six other Western cities that would pay Orvis to put on this event,” longtime outfitter and fly shop owner John Herzer said. “But Missoula is the epicenter of some amazing fishing.”

Outdoor October

The Rattlesnake National Recreation Area and Wilderness complex is the most southwestern grizzly bear management area in the northern Continental Divide ecosystem. Here the density of bears is low, but there are definitely bears occupying the area.

A Walk 
in the 

After living abroad for many years, author Bill Bryson decided to re-acquaint himself with the U.S. by hiking the Appalachian Trail. His (mis)adventures were captured in the book A Walk in the Woods. As Missoulians, we don't quite have to make up such an extreme—albeit fun—excuse to go outdoors. In fact, our access to green spaces and the great outdoors…

An Emerald Among Sapphires

Nearly 100 years ago, Drs. E. W. Spottswood and J. P. Rowe saw more than “rocky, dry land” on the grounds of what became the Missoula Country Club’s first nine-hole golf course. They recognized an opportunity to bring golf to the hub of five valleys. “The golf course is considered one of the finest in the state,” says Chris Nowlen,…