The Blood of Business

Traditionally, in terms of the definition, a “peg” is used for holding things together, hanging things on, or marking a position. But to the family at Wagner’s Home Furnishings, Peg was the name of the woman who started everything, taking hold of a too-big dream and barreling into an unknown future regarding her family and business. 

Fend Off the Cold

It's cold outside and has been for a while. And not that autumn or spring, bundle-up-and-you-barely-notice-it kind of cold. No, this is the windy/wet cold that seeps under our clothes and becomes a nagging companion especially after working up a sweat. Taking the kiddo to the playground just doesn't sound that fun. And my two-year-old has dumped all of his…

Through the Fire

A sign at the Bluebird Café in Nashville reads, “It takes years to become an overnight success.” Native Missoulian and singer-songwriter Shane Clouse read it every time he threw his name into the hat at “Writers in the Round” nights. “I was scared but I knew I had to push myself to get better,” he says, “and this was the…

Diving In at Sussex

Greg Friedman knew he wanted to work in education by age 12. That early awareness led him to some incredible opportunities. His latest (and he hopes his last) brings him to Missoula where, this fall, he will start his 20th year in education as the new director of Sussex School.