The Art of Aging in Missoula

Walk into Tracee Gianchetta’s office and you’re immediately welcomed. First, with a sincere, two-handed handshake; second, with the sweet and comforting aroma of lemongrass wafting from an essential oil diffuser. You’ll smile at her whimsical collection of trinkets and rubber duckies; you’ll agree that, yes, her view of Mount Jumbo provides for inspirational moments. A salt crystal lamp glows beside…

An Exotic Education

At a recent birthday party in a quiet Missoula neighborhood, more than a dozen 5- to 7-year-olds gathered in front of a table on which a very old porcupine named Kemosabe sat eating a banana.

My Dad, My Hero

It is in the most mundane, most simplistic, most hum-drum of days that a father shows his superhero cape. 

Lift Me Up

At any number of Missoula’s outdoor events, you may find a graceful woman dancing in mid-air with a giant ribbon of crimson fabric. Entwined with the cloth, she twirls and unfurls from one shape to another. You crane your neck, both worrying and watching for what she’ll do next. This is the graceful art and athleticism of Raven Summer, aerial…

The Root & its Remedy

Western medical remedies often bring limited aid that offers temporary relief. It’s easy—for every physical problem there is a solution, until that solution comes with its own baggage and decides to overstay its welcome. 

The Room in Your Heart

A red heart is at the center of the logo for the capital campaign of the planned expansion at Ronald McDonald House Charities of Western Montana.

Oh Baby!

 Article Chelsea Lyn Agro | Photography Pamela Dunn-Parrish  Congratulations, Remington, on being the 501st baby to be born at the Birth Center of Missoula!  “This is my baby,” said Jeanne Hebl, lovingly looking up and around at the walls of the Birth Center of Missoula. The little, unassuming building on 39th avenue with the alternating blue and pink balloons at…

Game On

Have Some Outdoor Fun this Summer with Lawn Games Perfect for any Get-Together, then Cool Off with a Couple Sweet Treats. Article Nicolette Martin Mölkky Throwing Game Dick’s Sporting Goods, $29.99 Playing Mölkky: In this Finnish throwing game, use a wooden pin (mölkky) to knock over wooden pins (skittles). Be the first to reach exactly 50 points to win! … Continued

Swim, Bike, Run

 Article and Photography Addie Melvin  Mark Your Calendar  When: Sunday, July 22

All About That Rack

 Article Danielle M. Antonetti | Photography Pamela Dunn-Parrish, CPP  Antler Chandeliers & Lighting Co.  4486 Rathbun Lane, Stevensville

Always Honor Yourself

You might recognize her wide red-lipped smile from the fountain drink- and popcorn-laden bleachers of a Saturday night rodeo. She’s the one waving at you while she sits the rhythmic pattern of a galloping horse, carrying the flag of our nation high overhead with its colors like a jet stream steady above. It’s a moment that Sarai McCollaum, Miss Rodeo…

Getting a Head Start

Students at Garden City Montessori are spread out across the floor holding impromptu photo shoots, earnestly making calculations, and debating the price of a new Casio watch. These students aren’t just here to learn. They are running a vibrant marketplace—and they mean business.

A Pathway for the People

Between Missoula and Hamilton exists a familiar vein to which we all might’ve felt its pulse sometime in our travels. Just outside the city limits, Highway 93 winds alongside the depths of our forests and whips down into the sprawls of golden-tipped grass ready for a first cutting. For bikers or foot travelers, the sounds of these small communities dotted…

A Senior Project to Long For

There’s still time to donate items or funds to Bonnie’s senior project benefiting the Ronald McDonald House of Missoula. Please contact her at Senior project presentations will be Thursday, May 25 at Big Sky High School, 3100 South Ave. W.

Cooking Under Pressure

Katie Barnes didn’t always imagine herself as a cook. She enrolled at the University of Montana as an anthropology major, and it was when she was taking introductory classes at the Missoula College campus that she began noticing that the white coats coming out of the restaurant looked like students.

Less Is More

When he was a boy, Steve Loken spent many weekends taking apart buildings. He and his father would pack a lunch and drive out with two crowbars to the barns and houses slated to be razed in the path of I-90. “We built our farm and outbuildings out of materials that were going to be thrown away,” Loken recalled. What…

We #Love2H8Fez

Fez has a secret. In arcane fashion, the owner of Missoula’s Arcane Fitness knows how to get you to love to hate him. It’s even led to his own hashtag. So we asked some of his devotees to share with us—in a Tweet or in a series of them (since most of them couldn’t limit their answers to 140 characters)—why…

Out to Pasture

There's a special slice of land that hugs the feet of the Bitterroot Mountains in Hamilton. Its green gown leaves a train of knee-high grass made taller each day by the warm, seemingly endless sun as we drift into the dog days of summer. There are projects underway, a ditch carrying the steady sound of bubbling mountain water and paddocks…

A Game of Trust

Picture it: A young boy, 2 or 3 years old, in the tall grass alongside a creek, fishing. He sees a duck take off and then hears a loud swack overhead. A prairie falcon has hit the duck and taken it to the ground, leaving the petite figure below peppered with blood and feathers. He's no taller than the weeds…

Loyola’s Sacred Heart

Jokingly, it's been said that Montana's greatest export is her children. If you know Rosie McCormack, you might begin to believe it's actually true. She graduates from Loyola Sacred Heart High School this year and without having reached her late teens, she will have already left Montana in better shape than she found it. Rosie's early accomplishments are as striking…

Casting Lines

Amy Ratto Parks is the assistant director of composition at the University of Montana and an award-winning poet. She holds an MFA in poetry, MA in literature, and an EdD in Education. She’s the co-owner of Missoulian Angler Fly Shop and a certified yoga teacher.