Walk for It

Usually, it’s dark and cool, some years it’s very dark and very cool, temperatures even dipping into the 40s. The sun isn’t even fully awake, yet the music is blaring and people are prancing about in an effort to keep warm as they wait. The anticipation grows and then—quite suddenly—fireworks explode overhead, competing with the twinkling stars above. Shortly thereafter,…

Mighty Swords

“Basically,” said the man holding half a dozen fine needles, “I move blood.” That’s not exactly how most people would describe acupuncture, but the man, Doug Womack, acupuncturist extraordinaire and sole practitioner of Montana Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs, who wields these fine tiny swords, assures patients that the war for one’s health can be won.


Somewhere on the long list of things we take for granted is our health. It goes like the saying, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone, or maybe not working as it should. Which is what makes our routine check-ups and overall observations of how our systems are running pretty crucial to our day-to-day comfortability and happiness.

Workout Buddies

Alyssa Martin and Sarah Nasby have gotten into a groove. For the last year and half, every morning, Monday through Friday at 9 a.m., they've met for a workout at YMCA Missoula. It doesn't matter if they're tired or grumpy, if it's raining or snowing: at 9 a.m. they hop on spin bikes and start cranking. The spinning wakes them…

Unlocking Sprouted Grains

Sprouted grains have been popular among health food junkies for years, but they’ve only recently hit the mainstream, popping up everywhere from breads and cereals to restaurant menus. This hot new healthy ingredient has loads of nutritional benefits and is increasingly easy to find. But what exactly are sprouted grains?

Making a Difference That Matters

It’s not very often that we hear of professionals taking their businesses elsewhere for the sole purpose of a better life. As every Montanan has probably heard before, you don’t move here for the money. It’s the quality of life that’s different, better. Dr. Clark O. Taylor, director of the Surgical Arts Centre, didn’t shy away from the risk of…