Security for the Road Ahead

One of the most difficult things in life is watching your parent age, as they find it more difficult to do the things they once did with ease. 

Charitable Giving Tips

As we near the end of 2017, you're surely considering Christmas wishes and a big meal to prep, but you may also be thinking about your year-end charitable giving. After all, charitable giving is a powerful financial tool. You can support a worthy cause of your choice, possibly lower your tax bill at the same time, and end the year on a…

More Than One Way to Earn

Increasing longevity is a practical reason you may want to develop an income plan to cover your expenses. To help you enjoy a long and comfortable retirement, using many different types of income streams can help balance your need for both growth and income while providing options to help minimize taxes throughout your retirement.

Love and Marriage and Finances

This article is provided by Gary Kiemele, a Financial Advisor at RBC Wealth Management. The information included in this article is not intended to be used as the primary basis for making investment decisions. RBC Wealth Management does not endorse this organization or publication. Consult your investment professional for additional information and guidance.

Seven Wonders of Investment

Staying informed in today’s market sometimes feels like attending a three-ring circus. There is a lot of rapidly changing content to take in among the websites, publications, and broadcasts vying for your attention. But to make smart investment decisions, tune out the white noise and pay attention to the following investment fundamentals that have withstood the test of time:

Down Doesn’t Mean Out

If you’re an active investor, you probably follow the movement of the financial markets at least somewhat regularly. If so, you have no doubt noticed what appears to be considerable fluctuation—in the form of triple-digit movements of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, one of the most widely watched market indices. Should you be concerned about these movements, especially when their…


Did you just graduate from college? Let us congratulate you: Congratulations! If you’re like many recent graduates, you’re probably excited about the prospect of getting a job and earning a real salary for the first time, but also concerned about paying back the student loan debt you may have accumulated over your years in school. You’re not alone. Today’s college…

Rate of Return

This article is provided by RBC Wealth Management on behalf of Gary Kiemele, a Financial Advisor at RBC Wealth Management, and may not be exclusive to this publication. The information included in this article is not intended to be used as the primary basis for making investment decisions. RBC Wealth Management does not endorse this organization or publication. RBC Wealth…

I’m Retired (or Retiring). Now What?

Do you paint with watercolors? Are you a competitive bridge player? Are you an expert in ballroom dance? If you have a hobby like these three examples that you’ve pursued throughout your working years, you may have developed some unique talents. If you continue to exercise those skills during retirement, you may find that they can fulfill you in new…

Social Security Benefits

Questions regarding the solvency of the U.S. Social Security System for years have prompted many investors to assume that Social Security benefits simply won’t be around when they retire. But for Baby Boomers looking to leave the workforce in the near term, Social Security is still an important piece of the retirement income pie. In fact, for many, it can…

Invest Early, Often, and Wisely

It’s no secret: 
With longer life spans and lower earnings on average, women often face unique financial challenges. What follows are a few tips women may want to consider as they create the financial cushion they need. Contribute to your employer-sponsored retirement plan. Contribute as much as you can possibly afford to your 401(k), 403(b), or 457(b) retirement plan at…

The Long and Short of It

With health care costs on the rise, it’s crucial to have a plan regarding your future care needs. For most of us, investing in long-term care insurance goes a long (and helpful) way toward easing the burden of trying to plan for the unknown while, at the same, allowing us to stay in control of our future and protect our…

Why We Do the Things We Do

Most of us have made an investment blunder (or two!) of one type or another. Although we can’t avoid all investment mistakes, we can learn from those we’ve made and benefit from what we’ve learned. And what better time than the new year to do so.

Stocking Stuffers

‘Tis the season of giving, and the best way to “gift it forward” is by offering a gift in the form of appreciated stock (or securities) to a charitable organization. It’s the most effective means of tax savings available, and it helps an organization dear to your heart do good work for the community.

A Less-Taxing Option

With a traditional IRA, your money can grow on a tax-deferred basis (exciting!), but sooner or later you’ll have to start taking taxable withdrawals from your account (less exciting). But what if these withdrawals were less “taxing” and supported your favorite charitable group? By electing to use a charitable IRA rollover, you can do just that.

Stocks and Election Years

After a seemingly endless campaign season, the presidential election is nearing its conclusion. As a voter, you may well be quite interested in both the process and, of course, the outcome—but as an investor, you might be wondering how the election will affect you and your investments.

Lessons on Money for Kids

Not everyone is born with the skills to be a sound money manager or investor. Instead, we learn how to make smart financial choices from different sources throughout our life. And as we have children (or grandchildren, or nieces and nephews), we can help them by passing on what we’ve learned. Here are some good lessons that you can impart…