Old-Fashioned Goodness: 
Huckleberry Bark

If Candyland were a real place, The Sweets Barn in Lolo would be it. It calls to us from childhood’s past, beckoning us to step into its dreamy aroma of chocolates and teas and old-fashioned candies. And with our arrival, we’re introduced to not one, but both, of its owners—Bonnie and Dave Aicher, along with Huck L. Berry, the beloved…

Easy Rustic Dutch Oven No-Knead Crusty Bread

Rising to the occasion during a Montana winter sometimes means kneeling on the floor before the oven and watching a soft cloud of dough blister into a flaky, golden brown dome of 
perfection. There’s just something about fresh baked bread that will always be magical to me, especially following an invigorating ski through the woods. 

What’s Brewing?

 • Made from fully fermented Camellia sinensis leaves  • Retains its flavor for several years.  • Black tea is processed using either the orthodox method or CTC (crush, tear, curl).  The CTC method involves the mincing of weathered tea leaves.

Candy Cane Christmas Cake

Christmas is a time of traditions, old and new, and this spectacular Candy Cane Layer Cake (or Cupcakes) is sure to become a new favorite addition to your holiday table. Snowy white peppermint cake layers are nestled between creamy white chocolate frosting tinted with festive red and green in the spirit of Christmas and decorated with crushed candy canes. Plus,…


Suzette Zara is a certified nutritionist, chef, cookbook author, creator of Satan’s Salsa (SatansSalsa.com) and a frequent speaker on low-fat healthy cooking. For more information, contact Suzette@SuzetteZara.com. Plucking a petal almost seems cruel as if it were being stripped away from its place among family and friends. When a flower is whole—that is, petals intact—a purpose seems fulfilled: She has…

Homemade Winter Dishes

Sometimes a quick, home-cooked meal is just a hop, skip and a jump away...in your pantry. Or should we say "can-try"? With a well-stocked pantry full of ingredients like canned tomatoes, kidney beans and pumpkin, preparing a nutritious, creative meal that you and your family will love is easy. Cans seal in foods’ nutrition, freshness and flavor, and they are…