Lost (and found) in the Details

Local clay artist Ben Jordan believes that fingerprints are the evidence of culture. They are our mark, our symbol that tells the tale, we were here. And they’re of equal value to our turbulent journey to self-discovery.

Stags with Swag

Kristen Berube, author of Confessions of a Camo Queen: Living with an Outdoorsman, has colorfully embraced her role as a hunting widow, as hilariously noted throughout her collection of essays—camouflage lingerie, camping romance, and the inevitable primal home decor. As the true blue Camo Queen that she is, it was only natural that painting and bejeweling her husband’s steady stream…


Rebecca Durham—an artist, poet, and botanist—is a breed of her own. In a world that fights for black and white, Rebecca gives them shades of gray, fits of color, words, and science. She creates zany, beautiful pieces that clearly show her investment in utilizing the lenses of both art and science and an impressive ability to have one foot in…

Stephanie Frostad

Stephanie Frostad’s voice is graceful and delicate. The lines—whether drawn with pencil or brush—in her work are, too. Yet, there is no mistaking the strong point of view from which she approaches each piece. What brought you to Missoula? I came to Missoula for graduate school in 1992. Although it was not my intention to remain in Missoula, it ended…


Being an artist doesn’t come with a list of guidelines. There is no definition or method to grand success; the product of creation has no origin there. For photographer Pamela Dunn-Parish, it’s all about three words: discover, inspire and create.

Barbara Morrison

The big sky of Montana wasn’t the only thing to surround Barbara Morrison as a child.