Summertime in the garden.

I wrote this letter from my office at Higgins and Broadway. My view? Snow-capped mountains. The date was May 17. That morning, our community—which had welcomed a few 80-degree days just a week earlier—woke up to find the hills and mountains surrounding us blanketed white. They, too, thought they had said goodbye to a winter that lingered a bit too…

Dog’s Day Out at The Ranch Club

The dog days of summer don't get much better when you're four-legged, with your family, diving into a pond full of toys and flying through an agility course. Dogs and their owners indulged in a day all their own at The Ranch Club and all proceeds went to shelter pets. 
Photography Sitka Tran, Humane Society of Western Montana

‘Rumour’ Has It: We Appreciate Our Customers

Western Rockies Radio, home to The Ranch 107.1/97.9 and The Ride 94.3, and Missoula Valley Lifestyle celebrated the customers who help keep the music blasting and the pages turning at their annual Customer Appreciation Party at Rumour Restaurant. Advertisers and their guests dined, drank, and went home with prizes, thanks to the many companies who support these two local media…

July 2017 Around Town

Author Gary Ferguson will be presenting, reading, and signing his new book Land on Fire at Fact & Fiction, 220 N. Higgins Ave., on Saturday, July 1 at 3 p.m. Ever wonder about how we can get along better with fire and harness its healing power without unleashing unchecked destruction? Gary explores the research to answer this question and in…


Did you just graduate from college? Let us congratulate you: Congratulations! If you’re like many recent graduates, you’re probably excited about the prospect of getting a job and earning a real salary for the first time, but also concerned about paying back the student loan debt you may have accumulated over your years in school. You’re not alone. Today’s college…

Walk for It

Usually, it’s dark and cool, some years it’s very dark and very cool, temperatures even dipping into the 40s. The sun isn’t even fully awake, yet the music is blaring and people are prancing about in an effort to keep warm as they wait. The anticipation grows and then—quite suddenly—fireworks explode overhead, competing with the twinkling stars above. Shortly thereafter,…

What Lies Beneath

Missoula Art Museum’s senior curator Brandon Reintjes begins with a blank canvas. His, however, is an empty room. That gallery space, once empty, is now the temporary home of the quilted pieces of artist Maggy Rozycki Hiltner. Brandon and his staff invited us to photograph the installation of Maggy’s exhibition, What Lies Beneath. What lies beneath are stories told through…

The Tastes and Tunes of Summer

They say, “If you’re lucky enough to live in Montana, you’re lucky enough.” Come to think of it, there are a whole slew of sayings that are particularly true of our region, another being, “Live a life you don’t need a vacation from.” When it’s mid-July and the sky is big and blue and the air is filled with music…

It’s Beer Thirty!

Are you on two or four wheels?


The Mercedes-Benz AMG C43 blends the soul of a sports car with the utility of a sedan, thanks in large measure to its 3.0-liter AMG-enhanced biturbo V-6 that cranks out an impressive 362 horsepower and 384 pound-feet of torque. Get frisky with the throttle it zips to 60 miles per hour in 4.6 seconds and the top speed is electronically…

Summertime Jam

I’m an avid gardener. Avid meaning “enthusiastic,” not “successful.” I shouldn’t say that. I’m great with herbs and this year, my squash and tomatoes are all blooming nicely. The wait for fresh produce became a bit too tiring and I stumbled upon something to make the time pass more quickly.

A Pathway for the People

Between Missoula and Hamilton exists a familiar vein to which we all might’ve felt its pulse sometime in our travels. Just outside the city limits, Highway 93 winds alongside the depths of our forests and whips down into the sprawls of golden-tipped grass ready for a first cutting. For bikers or foot travelers, the sounds of these small communities dotted…

Another day in paradise.

My dad is full of one-liners. Half of them cannot and should not be repeated. A fourth of them make me cringe, and the last fourth are surprisingly insightful. “Just another lousy day in paradise,” I’ve often heard him say when he’s asked how he is. Most of us would agree: Montana, and especially our little corner of it, is…

Missoula Welcomes the Art Park

Our community gathered in celebration of the arts and Earth Day at the opening dedication of the Missoula Art Park. Functioning as an outdoor gallery, the Art Park's inaugural exhibition By the Bike features artworks made with or inspired by bicycles in honor of MAM's partnership with Adventure Cycling and the City of Missoula. Photography Slikati Photo + Video

A Platinum Affair

The Human Society of Western Montana celebrated the humanitarian heroes of our community over the last 20 years with the Platinum Ken Shughart Humanitarian Award. This year's banquet was a platinum affair, featuring cocktails, fine dining, auctions, and music by special guest Charla Bauman. Photography Jeffrey Neubauer Media

June 2017 Around Town

MovieMaker magazine thinks big of the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival. It was selected as one of the “50 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee” for the second time in four years. The list, created annually to help guide filmmakers contemplating their festival strategy, spotlights the benefits of screening at festivals outside the mainstream festival circuit. Great work, BSDFF!

Meet Joe Stone

Seven years ago on Friday, August 13, Joe Stone fell out of the sky. He’d been cruising over Mount Jumbo with his speed-wing, a fit and happy 25-year-old who was thrilled to be living out his lifelong dream of flying by soaring over Missoula’s golden peaks on summer afternoons. Usually, those daily flights were idyllic—both for the pilot and those…

Mighty Swords

“Basically,” said the man holding half a dozen fine needles, “I move blood.” That’s not exactly how most people would describe acupuncture, but the man, Doug Womack, acupuncturist extraordinaire and sole practitioner of Montana Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs, who wields these fine tiny swords, assures patients that the war for one’s health can be won.

A Realistic Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your Montana Summer

Summer is the season of expression. After the long dormancy of winter, suddenly the serviceberries are flowering, the chickadees are trilling, and everything is clamoring for your attention. If you have an adventurous streak, as I do, then innumerable hikes, bikes, paddles, and camping excursions begin to crowd into the vacant spaces in your summer schedule. There’s always more to…

Rate of Return

This article is provided by RBC Wealth Management on behalf of Gary Kiemele, a Financial Advisor at RBC Wealth Management, and may not be exclusive to this publication. The information included in this article is not intended to be used as the primary basis for making investment decisions. RBC Wealth Management does not endorse this organization or publication. RBC Wealth…

Choose Your Brew

Mix-and-Match the Perfect Six Pack for Summer

Of imperishable seed.

Like many little girls, I was a tomboy and thought that was better than the alternative, whatever that was. In fact, one of my favorite things about listening to my dad’s stories about me as a kid is that all the neighborhood boys were scared to play street hockey with his little girl. I bet he’d say they still are.…

Film Fest Fun for the Kid in All of Us

The seventh annual Montana International Children's Film Festival screened an amazing collection of films from 17 countries for kids and the kid in all of us. Photography Christy Ann Brown/Project Dendrite

Hooked for Spring

Community members went to Grizzly Hackle this winter for free beer, food, and fly-tying equipment to get geared up for springtime fishing. Want to join in on the fun? Mark your calendars to check out Grizzly Hackle this fall. Photography Charene Herrera and Radd Icenoggle

Our Special Olympians

Come show your support for and cheer on—with noisemakers, pompoms, whistles, horns, etc.—the athletes at the opening ceremony on May 17 at 7 p.m. at Washington Grizzly Stadium and the events in which they’ll be competing. The Montana Special Olympics is May 16-19 at various venues in and around Missoula. Visit or Special Olympics Montana on Facebook for a…

Keeping the Stars in the Big Sky

Chicks N Chaps, based in Missoula, is western events with a cause. Women’s rodeo clinics and fundraisers are held all over the country, promoting the western lifestyle and the sport of rodeo all while giving the proceeds to local community members who have been impacted by the financial, physical, and emotional burdens of breast cancer as well as other cancers.

Pretty in Pink

Spring is sprung, which means you’ve got an excuse (if you even needed one) to treat your nails, which for too many months had been bundled up in their mittens. Try the color of 2017: pink. All shades of pink are popular, from bright hues to subtler tones. Surely, there is a shade of pink perfect for you. And more…

I’m Retired (or Retiring). Now What?

Do you paint with watercolors? Are you a competitive bridge player? Are you an expert in ballroom dance? If you have a hobby like these three examples that you’ve pursued throughout your working years, you may have developed some unique talents. If you continue to exercise those skills during retirement, you may find that they can fulfill you in new…

The Thrill, Fill and Spill of It

Keep three things in mind with regard to your flower garden: thrill, fill and spill. Thrill plants like petunias and marigolds are typically very showy and colorful while spill plants such as alyssum are the low-growing flora found around the edges of your garden. Providing texture are fill plants such as dusty miller (Senecio cineraria). Here are some tips about…

May 2017 Around Town

Radius Gallery, 114 E. Main, showcases the skills and sensibilities of contemporary artists and creates an energetic forum for discussing art and its vitality in the world today, and the community is invited to stop by the gallery for its second annual Ceramics Invitational, a show of all ceramics that features more than 50 jaw-dropping functional and sculptural clay artworks…


Somewhere on the long list of things we take for granted is our health. It goes like the saying, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone, or maybe not working as it should. Which is what makes our routine check-ups and overall observations of how our systems are running pretty crucial to our day-to-day comfortability and happiness.

The Silent Teacher

Most children take after one parent more than the other. Such was the case with my family. I am the spitting image of my father: the nose, the opinions, the gregarious nature. My sister is equally like my mother: quiet, stubborn, and extremely shy.

Portrait of a Caricature: Miss Montana

“I’m not the usual pageant girl,” Brooke Bezanson said by way of describing herself. To this year’s Miss Montana, the secret to success was actually pretty simple: authenticity. “I just answered their questions as honestly as I could,” she said. Brooke is a tall, cosmopolitan-looking 20-year-old with a platinum bob, but something about her blunt, down-to-earth approach to answering interview…

A Senior Project to Long For

There’s still time to donate items or funds to Bonnie’s senior project benefiting the Ronald McDonald House of Missoula. Please contact her at Senior project presentations will be Thursday, May 25 at Big Sky High School, 3100 South Ave. W.

April 2017 Around Town

Missoula’s oldest footrace is back for its 45th year! The 2017 Riverbank Run will be held Saturday, April 29. With four race options (1 Mile, 5K, 10K, or the Trifecta) to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Join our community as we wind through historic downtown Missoula and the beautiful University of Montana campus. All races begin at Higgins and…

Food for thought.

I couldn’t smell very well, the result of a lingering head cold. But I knew the aroma from the fresh-from-the-oven pasties were going to be delicious. So too did Oscar Emilio, my fiancé’s double dapple dachshund. At one point during dinner, I looked over to see him—the pup, not the husband-to-be—standing on his hind legs in a ridiculously cute effort…

Dance Fever

Our local celebrities donned their dancing shoes and shimmied their way across the MCT Center for the Performing Arts stage as they vied for the title of Season 2 winner of Dancing with the Missoula Stars, a fundraiser for the Downtown Dance Collective. But there could be only one winner: Shannon Flanagan of Flanagan Motors and his pro, Joy French.…

Country Meets City

Playing the part of Missoula’s rancher is a profound role, one that straddles a rather wide line between farm and city and, best of all, bridges the gap between. And that’s exactly what Bart and Wendy Morris of Oxbow Cattle Company have done as our local ranchers.

In the Kitchen with Honest Herb

A beautiful blend of raw plant-based and vegan cuisine, this gnocchi made from parsnip from the kitchen of Jennifer James and Guinevere Aide, owner/chef and executive chef, respectively, of Honest Herb Catering, offers an alternative to the traditional boiled potato dumpling. Intentionally light on seasoning, this dish highlights nature’s flavors by incorporating raw ingredients and preserving their nutrient-dense value. Let’s…

Life at the Farm and Food on the Table

With the longer days and warmer temperatures I am starting to crave fresh food. I am no longer hungering for the heavy comfort food of winter. Bright green lettuce heads, crisp radishes, and succulent peas fill my mind. While we are still a few months from feasting lavishly on fresh- from- the-garden produce, I have been busy getting my seeds…

Cooking Under Pressure

Katie Barnes didn’t always imagine herself as a cook. She enrolled at the University of Montana as an anthropology major, and it was when she was taking introductory classes at the Missoula College campus that she began noticing that the white coats coming out of the restaurant looked like students.

More than Catching Fish

For the last four years Missoula has had the privilege of hosting a very unique event. “I could name six other Western cities that would pay Orvis to put on this event,” longtime outfitter and fly shop owner John Herzer said. “But Missoula is the epicenter of some amazing fishing.”

Social Security Benefits

Questions regarding the solvency of the U.S. Social Security System for years have prompted many investors to assume that Social Security benefits simply won’t be around when they retire. But for Baby Boomers looking to leave the workforce in the near term, Social Security is still an important piece of the retirement income pie. In fact, for many, it can…

Thank you, Farmer

When daffodils steal from their bulbs and the days become longer than the nights, I begin to dream of bountiful food—the crisp sweetness of peas, the moisture of lettuce, the fullness of tomatoes—all the vegetables that the warming soil and the abundant sunshine will grow. But each year, as I plan my summer garden, I confront the same hard truth:…

My house’s must-haves.

My childhood friend Shannon had the entire Barbie set-up: the dream house, the pink Corvette, at least a dozen Barbie dolls. And she used to play with them. I had Barbies, too, but they sat in my toy box. I remember wishing so hard that I'd want to play "House" with my Barbies as much as she did. Instead, I've…

Painting with a Purpose

It was a successful evening of painting and spreading some cheer all in the name of raising funds and increasing awareness for CASA of Missoula, a non-profit dedicated to providing independent, trained volunteers to advocate in the best interests of children in the judicial system who are at substantial risk of or have experienced abuse or neglect. Photography Painting with…

Color for a Cause

Missoula Brewing Company donated fifty cents for every pint sold to the Humane Society of Western Montana. Attendees enjoyed free coloring, great food options, and tasty beers while helping our neighborhood pets. Photography Chelsea Lyn Drake

Winter Break

The cold didn't stop the fun. In fact, it invited it! Community members frolicked in the snow and participated in winter games at The Ranch Club's annual Winter Fest, a fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis and Meals on Wheels. 
Photography Charene Herrera and Cindi Willy

March 2017 Around Town

With spring right around the corner maybe it's time for some spring cleaning or redecorating. Maybe it's time to declutter and dress up your walls. The most innovative and user-friendly wall decor system ever created, Vänt wall panels are the leading trend in fine living. They're versatile and available in different sizes and styles to suit any need. Browse dozens…

The Magnolia Story

Just go home. You need you some home. Paired with the ever memorable tune these words are sung to is the familiar jingle of a Tuesday night in front of the television. We’ve come to know and love Chip and Joanna Gaines, stars of the hit HGTV show Fixer Upper, for their indisputable chemistry and innate, mesmerizing talent for creating…