When I look back on my “style” history I see light-up shoes with pink tights. Adidas slides with socks. Glitter and rhinestones. Black, more black, then gray. Then color. I see pencil skirts and silk shirts. Those red heels that I cussed every step of the way. The horse show outfit. The leather bag that lasted ten years of torture. I see blue jeans and boots and ball caps and crispy white tees. 

Fashion is such an indicator of the chapters in our lives. Our style can be as simple as gym shorts and bare feet or it can be polished, like the little black dress with the low back. It lends us the confidence and comfort to go about our business and make a statement about our day or about who we are. 

This issue is filled with bright, creative minds who are loyal to keeping Missoula local. While we live far from the epicenter of fashion, Missoula designers are here to remind us that clothing can be produced locally, and it can survive in style! The silks, the colors, the buttery leather—I hope your style speaks to you and lets you celebrate the person you see in the mirror.