A woman’s body is a secret-holder, a canvas of love and loss and fears, a daily machine that works tirelessly with or against us. It is our duty to ourselves that we have or seek professional answers to the questions our bodies ask of us, and NATURA is ready to help. 

When is it a good time to start thinking about my woman-specific needs? (Trick question alert) The correct answer is now—despite any age! Here’s a breakdown of what areas of expertise NATURA can aid in:

General Health

  • Check ups are a great way to monitor overall wellness. It’s not only a personal decision but a decision that affects you and your loved ones. 
  • Keep communication lines open. Ask about risks of cancer and hormones and if the two are ever related.
  • Hormone Therapy. When is it appropriate or necessary?


  • Cycles. Addressing concerns early enough so changes aren’t scary. 
  • Bone density. Are bones developing the way they should? 


  • Safe pregnancy and fertility. Pregnancy changes the body in so many unanticipated ways. Learn about them and ask questions before you get pregnant and throughout your pregnancy to ensure that you and your baby are healthy.

Wise Older Women

  • Menopause. Moving through life’s transitions can be emotionally and physically draining. Knowing what’s around the corner could help soften the blow of change and help your body gracefully transition. 
  • Understanding benefits and risks of hormone therapy to balance these life changes.
  • Cancer prevention and screening

NATURA is proud to help you along your journey as a woman, guiding you to your best self and staying informed along the way. 


Natural Health & Wellness

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