It’s ok to play favorites, right? Let’s say it is for this issue.

These pages tug at my heartstrings and quite honestly, they making going-for-it seem normal. Have you ever tried cooking Eggs Benedict? The velvety layer of Hollandaise sauce, the golden center of a perfectly poached egg, the consistent heat of that first bite because everything came together at the same time—it’s downright scary to even try, let alone do. But somehow, trying and doing and messing it up or celebrating success with a full belly is worth every risk and a pile of dirty dishes. And the memories of being in the kitchen with mom, staring into a pot of almost-boiled water before cracking the egg on Mother’s Day is priceless.

The Eggs Benedict recipe on page XX awakens a memory of my teenage years, dressing up for a big brunch outting with mom and my siblings, laughing and breaking bread around a huge table in the sunlight of some fancy restaurant. The step-by-step recipe and the go-for-it attitude sets the tone for this entire issue.

As editor, I often get asked, “Don’t you run out of things to cover?” And I’m embarrassed to say that during my time as a freelance writer, I feared this on a regular basis. That is until I moved to the Missoula area and started really looking at our community. 

The woman on this month’s cover is Sherri Davidoff, a cybersecurity hacker. She’s an MIT graduate and internationally recognized for her skill set in breaking and entering, electronically. And she lives in Missoula! The image of her looking up from her computer screen and staring right at us is so striking and so telling of how hardcore our community can be. The female energy of our little corner of this world is throbbing with such intensity that it can be felt around the world if we keep sharing our stories and chasing our too-big dreams.

I also learned about Aerial Alchemy, a local business I never knew existed, and that Canvas Studios is so much more than a place to get your hair styled or cut. And where societial pressures rip us in both directions (all natural or caked in makeup), Skin Chic has created the ultimate sweet spot.  

I hope that by the end of these pages, you are reminder that you are capable. Of anything. 


On the Cover

Sherri Davidoff shows us the gritty glow of her cyber world. Read about her story on page XX.