There is so much to be celebrated on Earth Day in Montana—our wild land, spring air, raging rivers—but there’s also room for gratitude when it comes down to what we’re able to harvest from our bountiful world. 

Did you know that organic, sustainable food sources are critical to maintaining and promoting health and wellness? Organic, by definition, is food or farming methods produced without use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial agents. Simply put, it’s food without manipulation, which in Montana’s short growing season can prove difficult.

April is a great time to plant garden-starters right inside your home so they’re hardy enough for snaps in weather come May or early June. And if growing isn’t an option, there’s several local options for farm-fresh foods that promote whole health. 

Why is eating organic sustainable foods so important? Food preservatives, additives, and additional hormones contribute to chronic disease, behavioral disorders, and general malaise. As our foods and soils become less well, so do we. 

Our daily practices regarding our carbon footprint, the study of life within our rivers and our lands, and how we grow or consume our foods all interconnect to keep our corner of the world a thriving plentiful place.