Up-cycling is a product of inspiration for local artist

Large paper bags filled with empty wine and liquor bottles line the porch of Holliday Jeremiassen’s home. Sure, she may have a glass or two as an indulgence from time to time but that’s not the reason for her population of porch-sitters. 

In her home studio she creates intricate sushi plates, ring dishes, and magnets that show off our mountains, wildlife, and even Neptune Aviation planes using glass as her canvas. Her artwork is an intricate yet expansive account of Missoula—who we are, what we love, and the many different facets that make this place home.


What is your inspiration for your pieces?

I like to draw what I see when out in the woods or on the river and translating those forms onto glass. I feel like my love of seeing unspoiled places and trying to do my part to keep bottles out of the landfill go hand-in-hand. I’m also inspired by the wildland fire community. My boyfriend is a wildland firefighter and I often use him and his gear as a reference for pencil sketches that I then turn into stencils for airbrushing, or into an enamel painting.  


How did you decide on glass bottles as your medium?

I started working with traditional fused glass about 10 years ago but when it became harder and harder to recycle bottles in Missoula I realized I could use my traditional glass fusing knowledge and learn how to make those techniques work with bottle glass. I really enjoy challenging myself to transform the bottles, which would normally be tossed into the trash, into functional pieces of upcycled art. 


What is your process from start to finish on a single piece?

A piece starts off with a bottle that is cleaned and then cut into 3 or more pieces. These parts are then placed in the kiln for about 12 hours to flatten. Once cooled, I paint on the design with glass enamels and set aside to dry. Once dry, it is loaded back into the kiln for another 12 hours to fire the design on, and to mold it into its final shape. A single piece can take anywhere from 3 days to a week or longer for more intricate designs.


Why is the Wildland Firefighters Foundation so important to you? 

When my boyfriend and I started dating I found an amazing support system in the wildland community and am really inspired by the men and women who fight fire as well as the spouses and partners who stay strong at home. The Foundation helps these firefighters and their families in times of need and donating parts of my sales to them is my way of giving back to this community. 



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Holliday Jeremiassen

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