Intravenous therapy is an advanced mechanism to introduce vitamins, nutrients, and medications into people who have unique needs – including people who are unable to absorb nutrients, who need a higher dose than oral formulations allow, or who would benefit from a faster increase in nutrient levels.


How does it work? 

A pre-treatment screening is performed to ensure that IV therapy is safe for this person, that no ingredients conflict with current medications or conditions, and also to assess what will be most beneficial.  In some cases, an office visit is required to more fully assess a person’s detailed situation.

The next step is receiving the treatment, which involves accessing a vein then delivering a specialized formula.  IV administration of nutrients bypasses the gastro-intestinal tract and allows direct cellular uptake.  


What does it benefit?

Many common conditions benefit from specific nutrient mixes – for example, a person who is starting to get a cold will usually benefit from an immune boosting formulation.  Athletes tend to benefit from a specific nutrient supporting formula to aid recovery.  Intravenous therapy can fluctuate depending on what is needed and who is receiving the treatment. 

Here are some common conditions that IV therapy can address:

  • hydration
  • immunity
  • fatigue
  • headaches
  • metabolic support


How can I get this therapy?

NATURA Health and Wellness Clinic is thrilled to offer IV therapy to the greater Missoula community.  Please call or visit our website to express your interest, and we will let you know as soon as these therapies are available.