The beloved home issue! I have such an affinity for these themed pages year after year. I love that home is the place that bears witness to the humble nature of our day-to-day life—where mommies and daddies giggle with their babies, where the laundry overflows, and the garbage is somehow always forgotten. 

Our most authentic selves shake loose in our homes and we fill these spaces with love and material things that mean something to our hearts. 

As a child, I always admired the way my mother adorned home with family photographs and brightly colored paint and hand-stenciled art. I’ve dressed my own home similarly—each item a different memory of when my husband and I were collecting treasures to empty the echo from our walls. 

I never tire of the humming hot tub or the chorus of whinnies from my herd of horses. These sounds are part of the package deal, the life I work mercilessly for, and I pray to always return to the inglorious routine of upkeep and the promise of pajamas before curling up on the couch. 

These stories are such a fine example of how much energy the home can consume and produce. You’ll read about a company that makes art into a livable space and your eyes will widen at the sheer brilliance behind the simple style of a local Missoulian’s home. You may even find a craftsman for that wood table you’ve been envisioning for years, or bring home a handmade broom to help keep those dust bunnies at bay. 

Whatever this issue brings you, I hope most of all it brings you home.