Paving our way to wellness with local author Donna Kay Jennings

Feeling frustrated over your health or weight as another calendar year comes into focus? Confused by trendy diets and health fads that seem to swing to the extremes and ultimately leave you gaining more weight or impacting your health negatively? 

Today there are countless ways to navigate us toward a healthy lifestyle and weight management but knowing where to start is sometimes the biggest obstacle.

Your Journey to New Health by Donna Kay Jennings is an easy, logical read that might have you nodding along as she unveils simple truths page to page. Donna Kay’s words are a practical, helpful, and sustainable approach to restoring your health and wellness using the most up-to-date research-based methods and principles. 

Montana author, Donna Kay Jennings is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse. She owns and operates several specialized healthcare facilities in Montana. She’s found her passion in treating patients with a functional medicine approach, which means she works with you to uncover the underlying causes behind your chronic symptoms rather than just treating the symptoms.  

Over the years, Donna Kay has lectured to the general public on many topics such as stress hormones, thyroid, obesity, and the brain. With the release of this book, she addresses changing your lifestyle in ways that sustain long-term health and restore wellness.

Donna Kay addresses some main conversations throughout her pages:
-Discovering the right amount of exercise for you
-Learning how to identify and manage your stress levels
-Creating achievable goals toward your journey to new health
-Learning about the functional medicine food plans available to you
-Finding ways to modify your lifestyle that are practical, realistic and effective

Your Journey to New Health empowers people to feel that they are completely capable of changing the course of their health with the willingness to make certain changes that are not far-fetched or unattainable. Donna Kay delves into key contributing factors which impact our daily lives significantly: sleeping, exercising, and eating. She breaks them down into “exercise, energy, and sleep.”

One of the most important themes of Donna Kay’s new book is how interconnected the body really is. She proves this through her own struggle with her own health. At 55 years old, Donna Kay suffered from high cholesterol, elevated blood sugar, and insomnia. In addition, she was overweight and had allowed stress to dominate much of her life, thus making her vulnerable to conditions like a severe case of shingles. Employing functional medical approaches, she has restored her health and wellness.

From her years of experience in the medical world, to her continued training and her own health concerns, Donna Kay has created an instruction manual to your wellness, while also doubling as a self-help read (you’ll truly be inspired!). 

Aimed at readers who suffer from chronic health conditions or those who don’t want to become a patient for life, Your Journey to New Health serves as a practical guide to help you completely restore your health in only 12 months and get you back on the path to living a healthy full life.