Natura Health & Wellness offers a new approach to healthy living

Western medical remedies often bring limited aid that offers temporary relief. It’s easy—for every physical problem there is a solution, until that solution comes with its own baggage and decides to overstay its welcome. 

It’s a common trend in modern medicine but NATURA Health & Wellness, Missoula’s new health clinic, is offering an alternative way of thinking when it comes to our maintaining our health.

Whether it’s mental or physical, NATURA Health & Wellness is taking a different approach that stays more in line with remedies than prescription—a change in living rather than swallowing a temporary solution. 
With the goal of bringing holistic medicine to the forefront of medical care, NATURA hopes to elevate our community health in its entirety and spark excitement in the way we tend to our bodies. By providing specialty and general care to its patients and by treating the root cause of the health issue, a path for long term well-being and vitality is established.

Hippocrates, known as the “Father of Medicine” stated, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” NATURA Health & Wellness was established with this notion in mind. What if the root causes to our most common illnesses were remedied through simple diet changes or lifestyle adjustments? What if what we ate was the only prescription we needed?

The approach to medical care is simple: identifying the root causes of health concerns. Providing a course of individualized care that is realistic and effective, and assisting patients on their path toward a healthy lifestyle is all in an effort to minimize illness while maximizing physical and emotional potential. Thriving in health and well-being is achievable with simple remedies. 

Whether you are trying to improve your health or address a chronic condition, the NATURA team of healthcare providers are passionate teachers of integrated wellness, empowering clients through education to take an active role in generating health and vitality. Holistic, integrative healthcare allows for the best of conventional and alternative medicine, resulting in the highest care to patients.

Finding the root equals finding the right remedy.