Being unapologetically who you are with Jessica Butts

If you’re idling at the crossroads of this new year, don’t fret. Jessica Butts is riding shotgun. She knows how to navigate the map to our greatest aspirations. However, she may turn off your car, put it in park and take away your keys. 

As CEO and creator of Front Seat Life, Jessica helps people achieve their goals by combining her psychotherapist background with her foresight as author, speaker, and coach. She asserts that, whether in life, love or career, the only way to move forward is to begin from within. 

“I say be unapologetically who you are. There’s an epidemic in our country. People don’t know who they are, what they believe, or what’s important,” said Jessica.

Clients crave that clarity. Unfortunately, moving from therapy to coaching doesn’t always work.

“After therapy, people ask, ‘Now what?’ That’s where therapists usually leave off and coaches usually pick up. There’s a lot of excellent coaches out there doing good work, but they don’t have the skills to do the digging in, and therapists do a great job of that but they don’t have a lot of helpful tools when it comes to reaching goals.”

By marrying her counseling and coaching skills, Jessica can provide seamless guidance. Still, even with all the tools she employs, it’s not a straight path from A to B. 

“It’s a circle, not a line. You might move forward, go back, get stuck, then go forward again. We’re always moving along that circle, no matter where we’re at in life.”
When we do become stuck, Jessica has advice for that, too.

“We have an internal mechanism called the Ego. With thoughts like ‘You’re lazy,’ ‘It’s not worth it,’ or ‘This will never work,’ the Ego keeps us stuck. When we see it, we need to greet it at the door and say, ‘I’ll push past you anyway.’” As she points out, that will happen again and again. “Our job is to know that it’s going to come. Getting stuck is not a failure. It’s just awareness.”

So, after we get unstuck, how can we make our goals stick? Again, Jessica starts with awareness.

“When setting goals, set them with emotions attached. This makes goal-setting 100% more effective. Don’t stop at words on a piece of paper. Visualize how you feel when you have that desire. What do you look like with that goal met? Are you thankful or empowered?”

Not only can heart-level work apply in life and love, it can guide career choices, too. Jessica helps her clients translate their experiences into successful businesses that reflect who they are and what they want out of life.

Robin Miller, a participant in Jessica’s Front Seat Life business training, experienced that first hand. “What I have learned from her and her team of experts in 3.5 months has not just changed my business, it’s changed me from the inside out!” said Robin.

In addition to her business training groups, Jessica shares practical tools and resources on a variety of platforms. From her home in Seattle, she offers one-on-one sessions. She’s also a coach to corporate businesses and travels as a regional trainer and speaker. Online, she hosts master classes via membership to @frontseatlife on Facebook. 

Coming in 2019, Jessica will release a podcast. However, anyone can get started right away with a free personality test at her website,
“No matter where or how I’m doing it, my purpose is to get personal development tools into people’s hands,” said Jessica.