We all know the glass is half full just as well as we know that it’s all uphill from here. Or is it half empty and downhill? Fact of the matter is, it’s all perspective (and I still don’t know which idiom I favor). 

For me, January is half full and half empty. It’s a crisp new calendar, a time to start again and dream new dreams, and with that promise of a clean slate comes the pressure to make things happen. In past years, my blossomed feeling of hope and inspiration was almost immediately squandered by guilt and stress. It was in these moments, typically toward the end of January, when I wasn’t gentle with myself in the way I should’ve been. I was expecting different results from the same style of living.  

This year is a time to begin without delay, sans shame. I will snuff out my worry and replace it with gratitude. I will be confident without a wave of question. Most importantly, I will replace fear with my faith. 

The stories within these pages make me feel good from the inside out. I know in some way or another we are all in search of healing, whether it be physical or psychological, and I hope that you’ll be encouraged to pursue your best self today and every day that follows. 


Photography by Pamela Dunn-Parrish