The adventure enthusiast’s guide for gifts at Bob Ward’s Sports & Outdoors

It’s probably safe to say that unwrapping new gear is an outdoorsman’s jackpot. Whether it be a new jacket that will block the blow of wind while on the ski lift or boots that will keep your feet warm and dry, these items are (with no exaggeration!) survival items. This sport and outdoors store knows a thing or two about what products will withstand the wear and tear of a Montana adventurer. 

We stopped by to see what the department specialists would wish for this holiday season. Take a look, plan your purchase.

Starting off on the Right Foot

Darn Tough Socks

Darn Tough Socks are a no-brainer when it comes to the perfect stocking stuffer, mainly because we can’t think of someone who wouldn’t want to wear them. They’re made in the USA, come with a lifetime warranty, and are made with ethical merino wool. The perfect sock for uncompromised comfort, durability, and fit!

Brooks Ghost Shoe

In the market for new shoes that are well-rounded when it comes to what they can do? The Ghost by Brooks is the way to go. Perfect for any activity, not too soft or too firm. Whether you’re unsure about what activities your special someone is into, or you want to get someone the perfect all-in-one shoe, this is a safe and stylish choice.

Kenetrek EverStep Orthopedic 400 Boot

Talk about a serious boot. This model has a built-in brace system and a nineteen degree toe rocker that allows the boot to take the bulk of your ankle and foot movement, saving you from wear, tear, and pain. This boot is so good, it’s even prescribed in VAs around the country for injury rehab and to replace post-op care Cam Boots, helping our veterans to get back on their feet following injury. Waterproof, breathable, flexible membrane for optimal comfort and support. 


Eyes on the Prize

Vortex Diamond Binoculars

Who doesn’t love perfect vision? We care deeply about a good pair of binoculars and we love the price versus performance ratio in the world of optics when it comes to the Vortex Diamondback. Thanks to the efficient, high performing optical system with enhanced, dielectric fully multi-coated lenses, these binoculars serve up a stunning view. The ultra-wide field of view will allow you to effortlessly cover ground and zero in on subjects with ease. 


Kryptek Altitude Collection

The Tora 1/4 Zip shirt and the Takur Jacket are must-haves for your avid (and serious) hunter or fisherman. If long hours in the depths of winter are expected, you’ll want these items close, and we mean real close. The Tora shirt features moisture management capabilities including the 1/4 zip for thermal regulation and stretch fabric that moves when you do. It’s mid-weight and breathable—perfect for balmy days. 

The Takur series uses a three-layer, waterproof laminate that ensures the maximum protection in wet conditions. What’s more, and cooler, is the structure actually contracts at periods of low activity levels, keeping you warm and dry while expanding at periods of high activity levels, allowing moisture vapor to be released to the outside air. Go ahead, mother nature, try to test this jacket. 

Hit the Slopes

k2 Helmets

Zach says safety first! Whether you snowboard or ski, or want your little one’s noggin protected while tubing down a mountainside, k2 offers the right helmet at the right price. They come in a range of fun colors and they’re constructed for every type of rider or skier in mind! 

Nordica Sportmachine Ski Boots

If you have the dedicated skier in mind, a sport performance boot of this magnitude is the best choice. The Sportmachine brings all the comfort, lightness, performance, and tri-fit customization of Nordica’s award-winning Speedmachine to the performance category of boot. There’s extra width where it matters most—along the forefoot and around the lower leg. No more cramping or rubbing the forefoot to regain feeling!

Black Crows Skis 

Aiming for the pleasure of freedom and adventure? Black Crows are designed with this specific goal. Inspired by professional freeskiers, these skis were born out of a desire to blend beauty and efficiency without compromising performance and identity. And what’s in a name? Meaning, of course! We love that Black Crows was a name dreamed up by one of the founders, which alludes to the alpine chough—black birds with yellow beaks and red claws. We hope you or whomever you purchase them for feels freer than a…well, you know. 

Rossignol Splitboard 

We all have someone in mind who likes to break the boundary of the resort. This board is the portal to backcountry bliss, or as Rossignol puts it, “your big mountain weapon.” An AmpTek Elite rocker profile packs all the punch that is necessary for big drops or epic turns, and the beveled roller nose keeps you sailing above the powder. Reverse directional flex, a Kevlar reinforced core, and massive serrated edges are snowboard lingo for “add to cart.” 

Wear it Well

Northface Nuptse Vest

Jessie lights up when she talks about her favorite products. The black Northface Nuptse is a classic staple in anyone’s closet (not just the adventure seeker’s). Its simple, timeless design is perfect for that person who tends to stray from color and who loves a good neutral. The color, the design, oh and the warmth! We’re just as excited as Jessie to recommend this easy gift for any gal on your list!

Obermeyer Tuscany Jacket

Finishing touches are so underrated when it comes to a warm jacket. A fur-lined neck or cuff can keep you that much warmer and stand strongly against frequent wear. A lifetime warranty is also a testament to its fine quality and promise to withstand a life of frequent adventuring and use! Plus, this jacket comes in several colors that are sure to get you, or someone who may receive this gift, noticed on the slopes.



That’s a Wrap!

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