I’ve always known how to lunch. That’s right, lunch being a verb. I love the empty table waiting for my arrival, the just-right temperature of a gorgeous plate of food, the perfect marriage of seasoning, and the conversation of good company. Perhaps my love affair with dining out is partially derived from my not-so-stellar duties in the kitchen at home (why are there always so many dishes?) but I think it mostly comes from my need to be fed by experience. 

With each issue of this publication I give my best effort in maintaining a professional relationship with business owners and community members, and that always seems to last the duration of time it takes to shake their hand or say hello. It is nearly impossible to not become friends with each person featured within these pages month after month. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m always out to lunch, so-to-speak. Each experience always begins with a date and time marked on the calendar and ends with an empty glass or a warm hug, and I wouldn’t change anything about the way this community feeds my soul and ignites my passion to share their stories. 

After reading these pages I hope you get the chance to sit at the foot of the fairway at the Iron Griz and marvel at the simplistic beauty of their dishes before you devour yours. I hope you make the short trek to Lolo Creek Distillery and order the Rip ‘N’ Lips because who doesn’t love a good ode to fishing? Take the family to the Montana Club after a long day of school and work and evening athletics, or follow your sniffer to the location of Reel Flavors, a fun (and delicious!) local food truck. 

Wherever your foodie adventure takes you, cheers!



On the Cover

Sit a spell at Lolo Creek Distillery and try one of their (many!) signature drinks made from these two spirits. Photography