Five local jewelry makers forge their own paths by way of local resources

Cassie Taylor

I’m a fourth generation metalsmith. I grew up in the jewelry business and apprenticed under my father, who along with my mother, owned and operated a jewelry business for 40 years in Sandpoint, Idaho. After my family relocated to Missoula in 2013, my parents met the time of their retirement from the jewelry business. Not wanting to see the family tradition come to an end, I made my entrepreneurial vision a reality and launched Lumin in October of 2016. 

I love making jewelry. Whether it’s creating a custom wedding ring, repurposing a family heirloom into a more wearable design, or fabricating an entire line for a stockist, I love the collaborative process. My jewelry designs are typically minimalistic, easy to wear, with clean lines. I strive to make every piece unique, beautiful, practical and durable. All designs are made from sustainable and recycled sterling silver and gold and can be found at JL + Ko in Missoula. 

For custom designs contact Cassie@Lumin.Store and browse a collection of unique pieces at


Leigh Caroppoli

I have always been drawn to crystals for their beauty and metaphysical properties. I was first exposed to them by my mother, an energetic potent woman. I’ve been wearing crystal jewelry to help attract positive energy and manifest my intentions for several years. Upon going vegan, I realized that many of the pieces of jewelry I had been wearing contained materials that didn’t align with my morals, like deerskin and leather. I first made some pieces for myself and found the process very natural and engaging. I created more pieces and was proud of them, having gone about them in an organic way by just allowing the materials to come together without researching how.

I curate many of the crystals I use from the Crystal Limit in downtown Missoula and from Bathing Beauty Beads on the hip strip. I’m always finding new supplies and materials to experiment with. Whenever I travel, too, I like to explore potential crystal and rock shops for unique stones.  

To shop this look, visit EsotericElements406 on Etsy or check out pieces on display and available for purchase at Blaque Owl Tattoo on North Higgins and the Green Source Organic Juice Bar on South Higgins. 

Billy Kelly

It all started with a little pink sapphire found in the rough of Philipsburg. After decades of landscaping with large rocks, it was an easy transition to the small, shiny stones of our landscape. Sterling silver, copper, white gold, yellow gold—you name it, I work with it. When deciding on what material to use with a given stone, I typically find that the stone often asks for a certain setting. 

My true passion comes through creating heirloom pieces, collaborating with the client to develop the design based on the material, the importance of different stones, and what kind of use the piece will see. It’s not uncommon to repurpose stones and material from other rings and pendants. I once created a mother’s ring, using three generations of wedding rings.

To order your own custom jewelry or browse a unique collection of handmade pieces, visit or KellyGemstoneJewelry on Etsy. 


Madeleine Ford

Riverbed Gems was birthed with adventure in mind. I love to explore the many wondrous mountains and valleys of our vast state and I wanted to create pieces that could withstand my level of activity without compromising beauty or style. Each creation is handcrafted and one-of-a-kind.

With a degree in environmental studies from the University of Montana, my jewelry is inspired by Montana and the rivers that give shape, texture, and color to our landscapes. I use quality materials including reclaimed metals and ethically mined stone. Each piece is purposefully raw and made to last using traditional metalsmith techniques.

Want to get this look? Find your perfect match at RiverbedGems on Etsy.


Blair Ann Cislo

Pheasant feathers, that’s how my business gained its wings. My husband, James, is a hunter and two years ago I started to save the feathers from all of his upland and waterfowl hunts. I like to mark the year they were harvested, the location, and the hunter that did the harvesting. This year I finally got my own flock of chickens and I have recently been using their feathers in my creations. 

Using feathers in my work is ode to my late sister. She and I would make all sorts of creations with feathers that people gave to her and I didn’t want to lose that gift, adding my own spin as I got older. I love being able to offer huntresses a different, perhaps more fun way, of remembering their hunt other than taxidermy. Most of my work by way of custom order due to the unique use of a specific animal.

To create your own custom order or browse a variety of handmade pieces, visit ADandelionDreambyBMC on Etsy.