The timeless treasures of Pinch Flat Manufacturing

The inimitable intricacy and style of Jeremy Haas is hard not to notice when it comes to his manufacturing technique. His deliciously different leather goods are simple, sleek, and they’re stitched using the toughest, timeless stitching method possible—the saddle stitch, meant to never unravel or fail. 

Pinch Flat Manufacturing is in its third year of business, but Jeremy was first introduced to leather work about six years ago through a good friend. Leather quickly became his favorite medium for its endless possibility. The evolution of his Pinch Flat products is a process of creating a new project, testing it, refining it, refining it, and refining it until he knows for sure that it stands up to his standards. 

As of late, Jeremy has delved into the world of waxed canvas goods, too. After all, leather and waxed canvas are products that only get better with age.

“I like to joke they’re ‘like a fine wine.’ I want that product to be able to hold up to an endless life of patina, and take on a wear and tear that tells a story,” said Jeremy. 

“All of my leather, thread, waxed canvas, and the majority of my hardware are made in the U.S.A, and I take a lot of pride in being able to know exactly where everything is coming from, and that it was ethically made. My whole goal of this business is to open people’s eyes about how instead of having to repurchase everyday items every couple of years, there’s a choice to invest in a quality product that’s made to be the last one you’ll need.” 

Did You Know? 

The name Pinch Flat Manufacturing comes from a bicycle term for a certain type of flat tire: pinch flat, which is also referred to as a snake bite, is well suited for Jeremy, who has been an avid cyclist for more than 10 years. 

Make the Investment

Find your style at or in person at the People’s Market every Saturday May through October, Betty’s Divine on South Higgins, or at Noteworthy on Third Street West.