Meet your local talent in theater

Ella McMillion’s smile is a contagious one. Her energy swells to reach every corner of any room, which is probably the reason why audiences love to see her on stage. 

Ella has been performing in Missoula Community Theatre productions since she was eight years old. Now at age 17, a soon-to-be senior at Loyola Sacred Heart High School, she is pursuing her dreams to become a professional performer in musical theater. This summer she is participating in a 6-week intensive musical theater camp to help her prepare for auditions for colleges and productions this fall.

Theater became an avenue for Ella the day that Alicia Bullock Muth, Ella’s choir teacher, encouraged her to audition for Oliver. It wasn’t long before Ella took to the stage in productions like The Wizard of Oz, Christmas Carol the Musical, Mama Mia, and Tarzan, honing her talent and tending to her heart’s desire.

Her first lead role was as Ariel in The Little Mermaid earlier this year, describing it as “extremely exciting” to be part of the iconic, animated movie that was brought to life through theater. 

In addition to performing for the Missoula Community Theatre, Ella dances with the Ballet Arts Academy and the Downtown Dance Collective here in Missoula, both of which have inspired Ella to expand her interests on stage and in life. 

As for free time (as if she isn’t busy enough!), Ella loses herself in reading and writing. On her shelf or in her hands is likely The Harry Potter series because, well, it’s always worth rereading accordingly to Ella.