Susan Campbell Reneau shares a few limbs of her family tree

Semper Fidelis. By definition, it means “always faithful,” and it’s the phrase U.S. Marines always say. Susan, being a daughter to a Marine, lives a life in his honor. She’s a Daughter of the American Revolution and enjoys working to enrich the lives of our veterans. Here, she shares with us the memory of the men in her life who have served our country. 

Photo 1:  Jack Reneau’s father, Red Reneau, as a private in the U.S. Army during the Korean War.

Photo 2: U.S. Army Specialist, Jack Reneau—Susan’s husband, on guard duty in Vietnam before the Tet Offensive.

Photo 3:  Lieutenant Frederick Hollister Campbell, U.S. Marine Corps, Susan’s father.

Photo 4: Jack Reneau’s grandfather, Bill, in his World War I Canadian Army uniform. At only 16, Bill was removed from the army shortly after this photo was taken per the demands of his mother. 

Photo 5: U.S. Army Specialist, Jack Reneau, in Vietnam with his parachute. He jumped out of airplanes for fun on the weekends.