For the Love of MUD 5

Find the right tool for the job

Missoula Urban Demonstration Project (MUD) is our handy-dandy hub for the do-it-yourself crowd with sustainability in mind. The group has offered workshops, classes, and demonstrations on everything from home brewing to home blacksmithing, but MUD might be better known for having one of the best tool libraries around. Before I built up my own tool library, MUD was near and dear to me as I relied on these tools to get me through remodeling my home. With a MUD membership, they’re sure to get you through any home project.

Hand Sander

This diminutive tool belies its usefulness. Hand (or palm) sanders make quick work of most any sanding project. Just grab the right sandpaper (they sell some there), slip on a dust mask, and start sanding.

Miter Box/Chop Saw

Looking for the best way to cut clean angles through one-by and two-by dimensional lumber? Though it sounds intimidating, the easy-to-use miter box/chop saw is the number one most-rented tool at MUD (and number four, five and six as well). Good thing they have several in stock.

Table Saw

The table saw is another super handy, but bulky and expensive, tool for woodworking. A bit more intermediate than a miter box/chop saw, the table saw makes quick work of making long, precise and straight cuts through everything from plywood to two-by-fours. You can even tilt the blade to cut at an angle for near-perfect joinery.

Extension Ladder

Cat stuck in a tree? Frisbee on the roof? Need to clean your gutters or a third-story window? Tie one of MUD’s extension ladders to the roof of your car and you’re good to go. Extension ladders are bulky, expensive, and impractical for most people to store, which is why they’re great to borrow.

Wheelbarrow & Hand Tools

Ready to grow some veggies or turn that overgrown patch of weeds into a flowerbed? A wheelbarrow is going to make the work a lot easier, your back a lot happier, and your marriage/partnership last a lot longer. Trust me. Grab all the rakes, shovels, spades, and other tools you might need while you’re at it and get dirty.

Lawn Mower & Weed Whacker

Even though I didn’t have a lawn mower, I kept my yard in good shape for several summers with a once-a-week trip to MUD to grab a lawn mower and weed whacker.

Some tools require a modest additional, per-use fee. See for full list of tools, rules, and other information or email