A few months ago, I attended the International Fly Fishing Film Festival. It was a vivid dream of clear rivers and vibrantly colored fish set to modern, rhythmic tunes, and it had me all sorts of emotional over the thought of spring and the mere beauty it ushers back into our lives. 

Each film was a tribute to the time we spend with nature when we’re wading in the water, playing the role of witness to our thriving ecosystems. I made the early realization, as a non-native Montanan, that this lifestyle and this corner of our world is indeed a treasure, as our state is aptly nicknamed. We still possess the great thrill of seeing various species swim below the surface, and those on land feed off our rivers’ edges. 

During this spring season, it’d be a chore to go one day without watching a rowdy calf dash across a field or hear the whistle of wings overhead as a flock of geese make way toward water. It is a certain kind of pristine paradise that is ours to protect and enjoy—what a blessing!

I hope this issue fills you with excitement for gardening, growing, and gathering with friends or loved ones this season. For me, these stories are a humbling look at the dedication our community has to its land and each other—the way we aren’t fearful of the work that has to be done. 

I’d like to extend my warmest gratitude to those who help keep Missoula the Garden City

On the Cover

Our Garden City, as seen through the rows of growth at PEAS Farm.

Photography Garden City Harvest