Home: the epicenter of the perpetual to-do list. 

I was warned of this list immediately following my enthusiastic calls to family and friends, but with great energy I took the plunge into home-owning and have yet to come up for air. 

I was in the parking lot of Bed Bath & Beyond when my husband and I got the call from our real estate agent—offer accepted. The weeks that followed were the sweetest of summer days—planning, mapping, budgeting, paint sampling, you name it. We were trying to tread in the pool of homeownership. 

Today, nearly three years in, I’ve come to love the warm hug of fresh laundry. And these things: clean countertops, a never-empty kitchen sink, perfectly draped plush blankets, the glow of a seasonly scented candle, the delicate swing of curtains like side-swept bangs. 

Every day I need no reminder that I mustn’t forget to make a life aside from making a living. I pride myself that this is the Montana way—joy in all things, cozied up near the crown of the continent. 

Sitting down with Steve Boyce for the story The Perseverance Behind Permanence was my ideal of mixing business with pleasure. I learned bounties of the Boyce family history through Steve’s vivid memory, envisioning Missoula the way his grandfather, Al, had known it—a dirt road town blushing with bitterroot flowers. Their business is a testament of bravery and good, hard work. And that property is magic, a launching pad for building a future, in more ways than one. 

These stories embrace all of what makes a house a home—living space, artwork, decor, and most importantly, the people we share our lives with to make the dream come alive.

To all of the home-lovers out there, this one’s for you. 

On the Cover

The stunning living space within the Canyon River Road property featured on page XX, a listing by PureWest Real Estate.

Photography PureWest Real Estate