European farmhouse must-haves from The Vintage Home

Laura Branson, owner of The Vintage Home and co-creator of The Prairie Sisters Vintage Market, has always been enamored by all things vintage. After all, these pieces have stories. Help your home tell a story of its own with Laura’s must-have farmhouse treasures.


Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan

This is my all-time favorite paint to refinish and breathe new life into old, tired furniture. No prep, no prime, no sanding required! Just make sure your piece is clean and free of dust and grease. Use on plastic, metal, laminate, you name it. Provence is my favorite color. It is a beautiful shade of aqua that adds a pop of color.


I have been in love with Boxwoods for as long as I can remember. They are classic, traditional, clean, and fresh. They bring something green into any room in my home. I also love them because they aren’t seasonal. They are quintessential European farmhouse.

Writing on the Wall

Words are so powerful. I love, love, love to hang signs in my home, especially our signs that are made by local artist, Hazel Designs. I am constantly encouraged by scripture and quotes on my walls at home and in my shop. 

Tiered Tray

Seasonal decor is a must, and my tiered tray on my island at home is one of the first places I start. It’s fun to add a little bird’s nest and eggs in the spring or a few pumpkins in the fall, and when it’s not decorated seasonally I can use it in any room in my house. It’s great for parties or simply to hold fresh fruit and veggies. 

Antique Furniture

Decorating my personal space is something I’ve always done. As a kid it was my bedroom, in college my half of my dorm room, and as an adult, my home. I remember finding out I was pregnant with my first child and being so excited to decorate the nursery. I meticulously picked out an antique hutch, dresser, and rocker for her nursery and 26 years later I still have all three of those pieces in my home. Antique furniture always has a story to tell.


Cotton stems, cotton wreaths, cotton swags. It goes with anyone’s home and is neutral enough to use year-round. Growing up in Oklahoma, we had cotton fields and I loved seeing them as a kid. Most of my uncles were farmers, and I just love the nostalgia that goes along with that. 


I have always had a hard time finding good hardware to replace missing knobs or drawer pulls on old furniture. It’s one of the things I love most about offering an assortment in store. I never have to look too far for the perfect fit, and it’s amazing what a little new hardware can do for an old dresser!

Sweet Tea Candle, 
Soap & Lotion

To be honest, I first ordered the Sweet Tea line because I grew up drinking sweet tea and I was so excited to see an entire line in the scent. I ordered it and lit the candle, and although it smelled nothing like sweet tea, I loved it anyway. It is an amazing scent that fills my store and home, and everyone who walks in the door comments on the scent.