Coaching Confessions with the Y's Kirby Beierle 2

  1. 1. When a swimmer tells me at morning practice that she woke up and her entire body is crazy sore from the last night’s practice, I inwardly give myself a high five.
  2. 2. I was a terrible kicker when I was a swimmer. As a coach, my goal is for my team to be known for having outstanding kicking. Therefore, we do a lot of kick sets with our swimmers, ages 5-18.
  3. 3. My proudest moments as a coach are when I see my swimmers compete in races that are way out of their comfort zone. Having swimmers who are good at the 200 butterfly, 400 IM [individual medley], 1000 free, and 1650 free makes me so proud.
  4. 4. I laugh when someone accidentally does a belly flop. I can’t help it. I always will.
  5. 5. When I am teaching a new skill, I use the most random, funny imagery when explaining it, so that I paint an unforgettable picture in their mind. That way they will always remember how to do that skill.
  6. 6. I make bets with kids to get them pumped for races and to encourage them to reach new levels. For example, I will say, “Fastest 400 IM gets to write practice in the morning” or “Anyone under 2 minutes in the 200 free gets a Maple Bar.” It keeps it light and allows there to be a little fun in a stressful high-pressure situation.