Be Your Best You.

Some people say an entire life can change in a moment.

That’s true for me, but it took a few moments over the course of a few years to get me on the path I carry down now.

I suffered a stroke about five years ago—the twisted recipe of high cholesterol, genetics, and a copious amount of stress. I counted on alcohol to hold me up, combat the stress, relieve it the way one takes an aspirin for a headache, so I checked myself into alcohol rehab. Not long after that, I was in an auto accident and suffered a concussion. Before I could count the cards stacked against me, I saw my health diminishing, fast.

My decisions were ways of deflection, not solving. To me, the stories within this issue are giving credit where credit is due—to those who are striving for their best life, like I do today.

I underwent years of physical and speech therapy and started making changes that I should have done years ago, as an investment in myself. I started exercising more, taking hikes, skiing, going to the lake, and enjoying the outdoors with my family and friends. I started eating better, thanks to my wife, Mysta.

I started living my life for what it has to offer, instead of letting my defense mechanisms get the better of me. I started to see the rest of my days as really important ones, each one a decision not only for myself, but also for those in my life.

Today, I’m proud of who I’ve become—how I’ve changed my way of thinkin and doing. Life is wonderful, exciting, exhilarating if we can all be so lucky to see what beauty lies before us.

Mike Tucker, Publisher

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