Pucker Up, Buttercup 3

LipSense is the new lipstick

Why give up a tried and true lipstick brand that hasn’t let you down? Five words—all day color that lasts.

Most lip color brands advertise that they last all day, and many do, but they don’t stay in place. The color often rubs off onto anything and everything it comes in contact with, making it difficult to eat without a fork or drink without a straw. With LipSense, the color stays put—until you say so. That means, no more drinking wine from a straw!

LipSense carries a variety of colors, and layering the different colors creates new shades. For instance, layering with Purple Reign (purple) for the first coat, Strawberry Shortcake (pink) for the second, and again Purple Reign for the third and then finishing with the Glossy Gloss makes a beautiful dark berry color perfect for fall. For a more natural look, use Strawberry Shortcake for the first layer and then Praline Rose (nude tinted pink) for the next two layers and finish with the Matte Gloss to create a subtle pink color. Looking for something brighter? Try Kiss for a Cause (pink) this month to show solidarity in the fight to end breast cancer.

The Fine Print

LipSense is unique in its application and removal processes, prompting a tricky transition for its users. For example, the first application of the product tingles initially as it helps to exfoliate wax and dead skin from years of regular lipstick and Chapstick use. This results in having to remove build up and apply more gloss throughout the day. However, the exfoliation process usually stops after about a week of LipSense use.

Because one must apply three even layers of color without going back and forth over her lips to allow each coat to dry, application can take a little time to get used to. It is important to make sure each layer dries before applying another or the color will look uneven, making this product not the perfect fit for people looking to get ready in less than 15 minutes.

Similarly, the Oops Remover must be used to take it off when the day is done: apply, remove color, repeat until your natural lip prevails.

The Verdict

All in all, LipSense is a game changer. No need to worry about lipstick on your teeth, on a glass, on your lover, or on your clothes.

The bonus? Being able to change the finish of each color with the application of a gloss. For a smooth, shiny finish use the Glossy Gloss, and for a subtler finish use the Matte. Tinted gloss can be worn alone or with color: The Sand Gloss looks great with nude colors or alone, the Opal Gloss gives an amazing metallic finish and looks lovely with bright colors, and the Orchid Gloss shines best with pink tones or alone.