Polka dots galore.

In my closet, I have no fewer than five shirts, six dresses, and a dozen socks featuring polka dots. I love them—polka dots—mostly in black and white, but I’ll take them in every color combination, except orange and navy blue. Broncos colors, you see.

I remember my first polka dot dress. It was fire-engine red with white nickel-sized dots. I “borrowed” it from my mom. A handful of months later, she asked, “Why’s my dress in your closet?” But she knew it had found a new home and passed on giving me a lecture on asking to borrow things. Between you and me, it looked better on me anyway.

Now, since childhood, I’ve been a little too concerned with people’s thinking I wore the same outfit two days in a row, which is why I don’t rock polka dots every day. Nevertheless, the polka dot has become my staple. In fact, on those mornings when I can’t find anything to wear, I reach for an item dotted with—what else?—polka dots.

And I’m feeling pretty good about this because even American fashion designer Marc Jacobs agrees with me:

I don’t think there is ever a wrong time for a polka dot.

That even means an orange and navy blue color combination. In the name of fashion and of love (for my Broncos-loving fiancé).

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