Crown and Sash 1

Meet the Missoula contestants vying for 
2018’s Miss Montana USA and Miss Montana Teen USA

Aimee Bartel | Miss Greater Missoula USA 2017

Aimee is a dancer, model, and dreamer, but above all she is a small-town Montana girl determined to make her mark on this big world. She’s proud to call Montana her home, and you can always find her outside enjoying its raw, natural beauty. Aimee is constantly pushing herself to be successful in her life endeavors and to pursue her passions. She hopes to be a role model for young women throughout Montana and the world, inspiring them to believe in themselves and to follow their dreams—no matter how wild they may seem.

Anita Green | Miss Missoula USA 2017

Anita is a University of Montana alumna who received her B.A. in Sociology with an emphasis in Inequality and Social Justice and a minor in Communication Studies. Last year, Anita made state history by becoming the first openly transgender person in Montana to be elected as a delegate to a nominating convention when she served as a pledged delegate to Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention. Anita is running for the title of Miss Montana USA in hopes of inspiring other transgender women to achieve their aspirations. She is planning to pursue a Master in Social Work and to eventually become a substance abuse counselor.

Carrie Vreeland | Miss Missoula County USA 2017

Carrie Vreeland graduated with honors from Montana State University with a B.S. in Nursing. As a registered nurse and licensed esthetician, Carrie has a passion for health, beauty, and self-confidence. She volunteers in her community, and her goal is to become a nurse practitioner specializing in women’s health. Diagnosed with lupus, Carrie seeks to find an avenue to educate women with autoimmune diseases on how they can accomplish their goals and lead fulfilling lives.

Claire Shinn | Miss MSU Bozeman University USA 2017

Originally from Missoula, Claire is currently pursuing a business degree at Montana State University. She has been in 4-H for 10 years and FFA for three as well as a HOBY Alumni of 2015 and HOBY Junior Volunteer of 2016. Claire has been very involved in the Missoula community through these organizations, and they have helped her grow and develop into the woman she is today. Claire loves everything there is to do outdoors: hiking, swimming, skiing, hunting, fishing, camping—pretty much anything ending in “-ing.” She is excited to see what this new experience has in store for her and what she will learn from it. Claire is honored to be representing her college as Miss MSU Bozeman USA 2017.

Emily Madieros | Miss Garden City USA 2017

Emily is an event planner, photographer, and bridal stylist in Missoula. Currently, she is pursuing an MBA at the University of Montana to achieve her goal of designing and owning her own event venue. Emily has always had a desire to work with children in need and hopes the venue can be a place where she can work with organizations that share her goal, raise awareness, and achieve the necessary funding to make the differences needed in the lives of these children. In her spare time, Emily loves enjoying all that Montana offers in the great outdoors, including hiking, fishing, skiing, and camping. She hopes to achieve the title of Miss Montana USA to create a platform on which she can become the voice for those who may not have one for themselves.

Grace Zitzer | Miss Zootown USA

A Dillon native, Grace moved to Missoula after graduating from Concordia University-Portland in 2013. She studied social work at Concordia and will graduate from the University of North Dakota with a Master in Social Work in December. Grace currently works as a child protection specialist for the state of Montana. In her free time, Grace loves trail running with her family and being outside with her dogs. She also enjoys volunteering with Camp Mak-A-Dream and the American Cancer Society.

Lauren Peterson | Miss Greater Missoula Teen USA 2017

Lauren will be a senior at Sentinel High School and participates in her school’s DECA program. She has a strong passion for golf and loves to act in productions at the Missoula Community Theatre. She is heavily involved in her community through lots of volunteer work at the YWCA. She also works with young women across Montana who struggle with confidence, depression, and other mental health issues. Her favorite hobby is to backpack and bike around Montana during the summer months. After high school, Lauren aspires to join the U.S. Air Force to become a pilot. She hopes to inspire young woman to use their strengths to better the world.

Daria Porter | Miss Missoula Teen USA 2017

Daria is a strong, independent redhead who loves others wholeheartedly. She enjoys the outdoors and loves to be active. Daria is outgoing and loves meeting new people. Her curiosity is the inspiration she uses to advance her adventurous side. She is passionate about helping her friends and those she cares about to become bold and confident as they navigate the world. Daria’s goal in life is to impact others in a positive way and be a loyal and compassionate friend.

Madalyn Warren | Miss Missoula County Teen USA

Madalyn is a ninth grader who enjoys wrestling, a sport she’s been doing for three years. She recently earned third place in her weight bracket. Madalyn also loves playing volleyball and plans to play in high school. Currently, Madalyn participates in 4H, where she’s raising her lamb, Elvis, to show at the Western Montana Fair this month. She is competing in the Miss Montana Teen USA pageant to gain confidence and to give a voice to others who are bullied, especially those with a disability.