Another day in paradise.

My dad is full of one-liners. Half of them cannot and should not be repeated. A fourth of them make me cringe, and the last fourth are surprisingly insightful.

“Just another lousy day in paradise,” I’ve often heard him say when he’s asked how he is. Most of us would agree: Montana, and especially our little corner of it, is exactly what God had in mind when he created paradise. Perhaps, not exactly but darn close. To be honest, I’m not terribly clear what my dad means by this expression. Is he having a good or bad day? Does it matter to him? Should it matter to him?

The answers to my questions seem to be, “Not relevant,” “Not really,” and “Not at all,” respectively. Life occasionally throws him lemons (like life does to us all) and he keeps chugging along, content and appreciative that his journey landed him in paradise.

Helen Keller’s words

are a reminder to me that circumstances change, but our attitude doesn’t have to fluctuate with them. In fact, there is joy to be found in all circumstances.

Our feature story on Joe Stone demonstrates the heights we can reach when we shrug our shoulders to life’s obstacles. Joe is reaching—“despite everything”—beyond perceived limitations and discovering what is possible. Everything.

I love the title of the documentary about his effort to compete in an IRONMAN triathlon: “It’s Raining, So What.” Or, if my dad had titled it, “Just Another Lousy Day in Paradise.”

This summer, let’s get out and play in our paradise, despite everything.

Cover Blurb

It’s not low and slow for Joe Stone. It’s aerodynamic and fast for Joe who is out for a ride on his handcycle. Read about Joe on page XX. Photography provided by Joe Stone