The MONALISA Touch 1

Five Valleys Urology Presents Life-Changing Procedure for Women

Somewhere on the long list of things we take for granted is our health. It goes like the saying, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone, or maybe not working as it should. Which is what makes our routine check-ups and overall observations of how our systems are running pretty crucial to our day-to-day comfortability and happiness.

Whitney Martin, PA-C of Five Valleys Urology, knows a thing or two about the day-to-day happiness and well-being of her patients, especially having witnessed the life-changing effects their new laser, the MonaLisa Touch, has had on those whom the procedure is right for.

“We’ve been [using the machine] for over a year now and 95% of our patients have had success on one or more of their scores [symptoms],” said Whitney.

These symptoms are often related to aging and estrogen loss including, but not limited to, vaginal dryness, itching, pain during intercourse, and stress incontinence, all of which lead to having detrimental effects on our jobs, family and social lives, furthering our symptoms to self-consciousness and anxious behavior from having to handle these unwanted irritants.

The laser has been a beam of light for some patients with harder to treat needs, like those with breast cancer who are unable to use estrogen-based products, having to rely on the temporary relief of topical creams that ultimately act as a Band Aid and not a solution. The laser has also been the perfect treatment for those with urinary incontinence, specifically providing a new avenue that avoids surgery altogether.

“We’re so lucky to have the machine,” said Whitney. “It’s rewarding to do something that you know will help someone.”

The MonaLisa Touch has excited those in the medical field not only because of its technological advancement over other treatments but also for the simple reason that medical professionals can finally offer patients a truly effective procedure that holds the promise of bettering the quality of their daily lives.

High on its resume are the attractive highlights like the convenience of being offered in-office under no anesthesia with minimal side effects, all having taken place within five minutes or less. With our favorite hiking paths in full bloom and a whole summer at our feet, why waste another minute in discomfort?