Food for thought.

I couldn’t smell very well, the result of a lingering head cold. But I knew the aroma from the fresh-from-the-oven pasties were going to be delicious. So too did Oscar Emilio, my fiancé’s double dapple dachshund. At one point during dinner, I looked over to see him—the pup, not the husband-to-be—standing on his hind legs in a ridiculously cute effort to solicit scraps from the table. His effort failed. The food was too good, and I was too selfish to share it.

The food had been prepared by Mike and Kayleigh, two new friends I (gratefully) inherited when I said, “Yes,” to Nathan. We were at their home with another couple, Sarah and J.P., that I (gratefully) inherited from Nathan. It was a triple date night.

Not only were these friends new, but so too were the pasties. The first time someone told me about pasties, I thought they were referring to the body stickers. Now, I know different.

What I also know to be different is the life I’ve received through my faith in Jesus Christ. I am reminded of this verse from the Gospel of John: “I am the bread of life, whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.”

There is much discussion in the Bible about the role food plays in how God teaches His children to find ultimate fullness in Him. In fact, I once read that one shouldn’t read the New Testament on an empty stomach. But as the verse says “whoever comes to [Christ] shall not hunger.” The fullness from Him seems to have added it to my life here on earth, with new friends such as these who will one day be old friends. The only thing I hunger for now are Mike and Kayleigh’s pasties.

On the Cover

Parsnip gnocchi with red pepper cream, hazelnut gremolata, shiitake mushrooms, and beet-stained pearl couscous. Honest Herb Catering uses locally sourced ingredients to create dishes that pop both in flavor and color. See how they prepared it in this month’s feature, “In the Kitchen with Honest Herb” on page 22. Photography Pamela Dunn-Parrish