The Magnolia Story

‘Fixer Upper’ couple Chip and Joanna Gaines share their story

Just go home. You need you some home. 

Paired with the ever memorable tune these words are sung to is the familiar jingle of a Tuesday night in front of the television. We’ve come to know and love Chip and Joanna Gaines, stars of the hit HGTV show Fixer Upper, for their indisputable chemistry and innate, mesmerizing talent for creating a home—in every sense of the word.

With the release of their first book The Magnolia Story, we now have the perfect reason to love them even more. From the first crack of its binding, The Magnolia Story is the real cookie-cutter American story of success and love. Boy meets girl, girl likes the quirky charm of boy, boy makes rash decisions, boy buys a deteriorating boathouse to call home, girl still loves the quirky charm of boy. And so they go on taking chances on each other and their small-gone-large business.

Ok, so maybe it’s far from cookie-cutter but their unique partnership in business, and the business itself, is what originally set the Gaines apart when they were first approached about a TV show featuring their lives and their business of helping people find their maybe-not-so-perfect home and recreating it to match their dream space. It’s a story of grand ideas and emerging into entrepreneurship while braving the tides that rolled against them. It might have been Chip and Joanna’s wish upon these pages to inspire persistence in the name of chasing a dream, even when you’re unsure what that dream looks like in its entirety.

These pages will transport you to Chip and Jo’s very beginnings and wind you through their financial journey, among many larger ones that interweave. You’ll applaud their perseverance when times got tough—really tough—and the way they held onto their faith and each other, looking up and forward and never back unless to marvel at the path that led them home.

You’ll burst into laughter frequently and no longer need to wonder if Chip is as funny in print as he is on screen. The answer is a resounding yes. Chapter by chapter you’ll honeymoon in New York, see the renovations of countless homes turned flips, cringe when you find out what happens when Chip was left alone with their first baby, and tear up over the way in which they came upon their farmhouse. Everything from their engagement to the budding of their family and business is a labor of love, a portrait of home and all the things that make it so.

Most importantly, these pages hold the promise of renewal. This isn’t some strike it rich story. This is the reminder that the art of doing what’s right isn’t lost, that the American dream isn’t a low-hanging fruit to which we are all entitled a ladder. It is a job well done, a story for everyone.