Counting Cards
- Counting Cards

Can You Get Caught Counting Cards Online?

Card counting is an advantage gambling technique that is used to get an edge over the casino. It is quite useful in land-based brick and mortar casinos, which has been proven repeatedly. However, card counting in blackjack online is not nearly as glamorous as it may seem in the movies. Sitting in your recliner at home staring at a phone screen does not entirely give the vibe of a Vegas casino table, but the question still remains: is card counting possible in online casinos? The short answer is no; an online casino is most likely not going to ban you for card counting because card counting is almost impossible in most cases, even when it comes to live dealer blackjack tables. Even if you do somehow get to do it, the slightest chance of success of the technique would be detected, and restrictions or account closure would be put in place so as to prevent further activity. If you have been counting cards successfully, you would be winning more often than you lose and there is a good chance you would be restricted or have your online casino account blocked for this reason alone, with or without proof of counting cards. An online casino is going to either restrict bets or close online casino accounts for being a card counter in blackjack games.

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Is Card Counting at Online Casinos Even Possible?

Some people might claim card counting works on online casinos, but in all actual practice, card counting at online casinos is virtually impossible for a number of reasons. Even if you win more often than you lose, your account will probably be closed anyway. The margin of profit that people can earn from in-depth shoes makes the time and effort irrelevant.

Is Card Counting Illegal at Online Casinos?

Card counting, in general, is not an illegal activity. As a matter of fact, casinos do not have a strong aversion towards players trying to count cards. This is because most of them are not good at it, and those who are proficient in the activity are usually spotted quickly and prevented from gaining huge profits.

Video Blackjack Card Counting

Do not even think of attempting to count cards on video blackjack. The deck is continuously shuffled, and it takes place after every hand, making card counting totally impossible. The hands in video blackjack are determined by random number generators, which provides utterly random dealer activity at each step. Therefore, it is safe to assume that it is impossible to count cards with video blackjack at online casinos.

Live Dealer

Live Dealer Card Counting

Online casino live dealer blackjack usually uses eight decks, and shuffles after three hands, making the margins for profitable card counting so minimal that it renders the activity nothing but pointless. The deck penetration is so shallow that it prevents any real advantage play from panning out.

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