We #Love2H8Fez 9

Arcane’s members tell us why they love to hate their favorite gym guru

Fez has a secret. In arcane fashion, the owner of Missoula’s Arcane Fitness knows how to get you to love to hate him. It’s even led to his own hashtag. So we asked some of his devotees to share with us—in a Tweet or in a series of them (since most of them couldn’t limit their answers to 140 characters)—why they #Love2H8Fez.

@James Stevens

I have been w/Arcane since it opened & the reason is Fez. He always pushes me beyond what I think I can do.

I give in 2 quickly but Fez won’t let me stop. It hurts when I’m doing it but feels sooo good after. Pain + results = Fez. #Love2H8Fez

@Kimberly Partridge

I get the very best workout 4 me every time, and Fez will call you out if you are slacking. He is the best trainer! #Love2H8Fez

@Marie Smith

I like to pretend that I hate Fez because he makes me do push-ups and burpees but actually he has helped me improve my physical and mental health.

One of the things he said when I started at Arcane was to just show up…and I have.

Through the “Come on, Marie” and “Don’t be average,” I have actually found that I am more capable than I ever thought.

I leave every time feeling healthy & strong & even when I curse him—the next day when I’m sore—I’m proud of the work & progress I have made.

So yes, I #Love2H8Fez but I love the improvements in myself that Fez has helped me 2 develop more.

@Emily Hersman

Fez is a great trainer. He pushes me and expects me to rise up to the challenges he puts before me three days a week.

He has made me a stronger woman. #Love2H8Fez

@Anne Marvin

In 5 years, I think he’s taken it easy on me 2x.  I would NEVER, ever work out as hard on my own. 

& he has a tricky way of making sure u r always sore the next day…no matter how good I get @ something, he won’t let me get comfy/lazy. 

I am addicted to the workouts. Even though they can hurt, I always feel so good and accomplished afterwards. #Love2H8Fez