Happy New Year!

The water shot out from a pipe in the wall. I stood out of its way, staring at the downward arc it made over the porcelain tub. I reached my hand out. Yep, the water was cold. Not cool. Cold, icy, frigid, freezing. It was chilly outside, too, probably in the mid-40s. Simply put, taking a cold shower in a cold place was not cool. But I needed a shower, so I very briefly inserted my head into the single-stream waterfall, wetting my hair in order to lather in my shampoo. When it came time to rinse it out, I wished I’d had the forethought to buy a 2-in-1 shampoo. I got brain freeze. The water was cold enough to give me brain freeze!

I continued to rinse out the shampoo and conditioner and wash off the body soap and face wash, mentally holding on to something a friend had told me earlier that day: “You won’t be cold once you get out because your outside temperature would be equal to or cooler than the air temperature.” He said I’d probably even feel warm.

Can you believe I fell for that?

He was right. I can’t comment on the science, though. But I didn’t feel cold, or cool. Dare I say that it was a bit balmy in that bathroom? I felt refreshed, rejuvenated—eager even for my next cold shower. Well, not that eager, especially this time of year when our temperatures hover over freezing.

What I am super eager about is 2017 and all the possibilities it has in store. A friend from church recently told me that he had a vision of me sitting on a couch watching a softball game through large glass doors. He said, “It’s time to join the game.” Or step under the stream of icy water because everything will be okay. Better than okay. Balmy.

Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds.

Happy New Year and may this year be the most blessed for you yet!

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Photography by Pamela Dunn-Parrish