A magazine to call our own.

Let me begin with thanks. This issue is our 12th. It’s hard to believe a year has already passed, but we couldn’t have done it without your support and encouragement. Thank you, Missoula!

Early last year I was traveling around the country quite a bit for business, and during many of these trips I noticed several ways in which these communities were similar to ours. Some of these places had their own publications from a company called Lifestyle Publications. As I flipped through their pages I thought, “This would be perfect for Missoula.”

Lifestyle Publications’ owners explained their philosophy to me: They seek to be a positive, uplifting voice in communities. I knew Missoula needed this: A community lifestyle publication that tells the inspiring stories happening with our neighbors, in our schools, with our businesses, and in our neck of the woods. A magazine to call our own.

Within a few months and with the hard work of a small and dedicated team, your magazine—Missoula Valley Lifestyle—launched. The first issue was mailed to 12,000 homes in the valley in April 2015. Many readers and new advertisers were skeptical of another new media. Some said, “It’s just another one-shot publication.”

But you have helped this publication succeed and grow. Since that issue appeared in mailboxes around the city, Missoula Valley Lifestyle has become the premier community lifestyle magazine in the valley. With your support and through advertising, we’ve been able to tell stories about the people, businesses, places and events that make the Missoula Valley such a wonderful place to call home. That encouragement and funding has made it possible to take our magazine from a 36-page publication to 44 pages later this year.

Thank you for welcoming us into your homes. Thank you to our advertisers for your support and believing in my dream and Missoula Valley Lifestyle magazine.